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Community Advocacy Organization


My people, my people, oh how I long for solace, for compassion, for a true freedom that's real A freedom that reflects the genuine embodiment of my people, who remain today nothing less than ideal.

When I reflect back to the history, our history... the one of slavery, sacrifice, suffering and pain, I'm instantly reminded of the strength of the human spirit exhibited by my people even way back then.

So, even though we fought against disease, starvation, Hatred, deprivation, deep in the bowels of the slavery ship...down in the hole. Even then we fought back with our only weapon, our lives; yes some gave up, many resolved to even give up their souls.

Some of us decided that even though the shackles Pulled, ripped and tore the flesh from our brittle bones We'd not let these evil villains steal our desires and yearnings to just get back to our beloved home.

Some of us wouldn't let this vileness dampen our spirit, Dampen our resolve to make it through the night Our strength rose up to this occasion We mustered up the will, the tenacity, the boldness to fight. We rose up, through the scent of decaying flesh, through the stench of rot, which brought tears to all our senses We rose up then to shoulder the burden of the strange and atrocious way of life, though we yet Await true recompenses

We rose up then, for we were not born into slavery, that suffering, that demeaning characterization of the people we are We rose up to show the world we are survivors, who handle the worst things thrown our way, handling ALL bull/crap/shit like the survivors we are!

It still remains, you know, covertly subtle...the hatred, the injustice and the wrongful killing and dying of black folk We've yet to exonerate some evils from our yesteryears; That vile sickness of which many have spoke.

Yet, I'm so grateful to be their heirs, to be the heirs Of such a strong people and live in the times we now live. History should not be lived again; a rich price was paid.

We have no shackles, so it's time to reach deep Into our coiffeurs and honestly build. Build our bodies, build our future, build our legacy, build our minds, Build whatever we need to now with the younger Generation to sustain us throughout time.

I know, history cannot be lived again, but I say we cannot let our future repeat such a history as that... not willingly, not accidentally. We must rise up and give of ourselves so as not to repeat what we've grown to dislike so, and dislike intentionally.

We must rise up! Young Folk...Get energized to make a bright future brighter We must rise up! Older Folk...Get creative to ensure challenges become lighter We must rise up! Everybody...Sisters, Brothers, Fathers, Mothers!!! We must rise up! to develop, then give of our talents : Our time, Our wisdom, Our voices, Our thoughtfulness, Our finances, Our boldness, Our choices We must share with each young person: Our beliefs, Our goals, Our energy, Our creativity We must utilize our dynamic and ever upward mobility

The buck stops here with us, folk! We, are the future our courageous ancestors died for...That's no joke. So RISE up my brother, my sister, All young folk!!! Rise up to take your rightful place. The place that challenges us all to be our best and take the lead for our race! We are the generations to make a different type of humanitarian experience. We are who we've been waiting for y'all, To take ACTION even when it ain't convenient To make this Brave Bold Statement with expedience!!

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