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Yanice Y. Jackson for Lansing City Council-At Large Fairness is Key “Everybody Deserves a Seat at th

Yanice Y. Jackson was raised in Lansing Michigan and attended Lansing public schools. She is a graduate of J.W. Sexton High School and has distinguished herself in business and community based pursuits. Yanice obtained her Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from Eastern Michigan University and her Master of Business Administration in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University. She has over fifteen years of business experience and a career founded upon a diverse and extensive education. Yanice prides herself in her passion for building effective collaboration and communication between people and communities.

Before being hired as a Regional Organizing Director for the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign she worked various organizations such as Verizon Communications, Clark Atlanta University and AT&T. Yanice returned to Lansing in 2016 to assist with her family’s business-The Chronicle Newspaper of Mid-Michigan and joined the Board of Directors for Mid-MEAC (Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council) “Returning home to work for the family business helped me to realize the importance of leaving a legacy. As the daughter of a local newspaper publisher I have grown a deep appreciation for the inner workings of local businesses while meeting and learning from people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.” Yanice is one of twelve active candidates running for Lansing City Council-At Large for one of two open seats. Since her return to Lansing Yanice has taken an active role in the community. The wellbeing of the community is a priority for Yanice. She continues to engage the community to hear their concerns and considers the best methods to bring about positive changes to the city. Yanice believes that strategy is key and is ready to roll up her sleeves to further assist with the revitalization of Lansing Michigan.

“I am running for Lansing City Council-At Large because I want to make things better for the people of Lansing. I love the City of Lansing and I want to be an integral part of the continued revitalization the city.  I am confident my background will provide a fresh perspective concerning the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the community. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, and experience to make the City of Lansing better for the people. I believe that it is about treating people fairly because everybody deserves a Seat at the Table!”

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