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Lansing Clerk’s Office will provide Voter Registration at Summer Events starting June 14 including f

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Chris Swope 517-483-4131

June 13, 2017

LANSING, MI – Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope will offer voter registration opportunities at community events throughout the summer, starting June 14 with a Thornetta Davis Concert at the Lansing City Market, and covering four different events this weekend. Voter registration will be available at all the community events listed below.

“We want to encourage more participation in our electoral process,” said Clerk Swope. “In order to do so, the residents of Lansing must register to vote, and we at the City Clerk’s Office are coming to your neighborhoods to make that process as simple as possible for you.”

July 10 is the voter registration deadline for the City Primary. You must be at least 18 years old on Election Day, a U.S. Citizen and register to vote by the deadline to be eligible to vote.

“If you have a community event that you would like the Clerk’s Office to register people to vote or explain the voting process,” said Clerk Swope, “then please contact my office.”

In addition to elections, the City Clerk’s Office also prepares agendas and minutes for the Lansing City Council, accepts U.S. Passport Applications, maintains public city records, and has other legal responsibilities per the State of Michigan and the Lansing City Charter. If you have any questions related to these services, please contact the Lansing City Clerk at 517-483-4131 or visit the Clerk’s web page at

Confirmed List of Summer Events:

6/14 Thornetta Davis – Lansing City Market

6/16-6/17 Juneteenth Festival - St. Joseph Park

6/17 Pride Festival – Old Town

6/17 The Annual Mayor’s Family Riverwalk- Turner Dodge Park

6/17 REO Town Beer Festival – 1100 Block of S. Washington

6/21 Kari Lynch – Sycamore Park

6/28 Jill Jack – Cherry Hill Park

7/4 Lansing’s July 4th Parade Celebration – State Capitol Lawn

7/12 Jump Street Swing – Turner Dodge Park

7/16 The Grand River Rumble – State Capitol Lawn

7/19 Tejano Sound – Frances Park

7/25 Kidzapalooza – Lansing School District Welcome Center

7/26 LUVs – Moores Park

7/28 2017 Questival – Ferris Park

8/2 496 West – Fulton Park

8/9 Sea Cruisers – Grand River Park

9/10 Senior Day – Gardner Middle School

9/17 2017 Capital River Run – Riverfront Park

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