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The Race Is On! Schor and Brown-Clarke Do Battle

This November, once again, we all have to vote for Lansing's next major. The subject of who the next majors going to be hasn't garnered this much attention in the local area since the Bernero/Benavides show-down in the early 2000s.

Bernero, at the time, a former state representative/state senator, hailed from the hallowed halls of the Michigan Legislature. Benavides, at the time, a long-time city council member and the head of Cristo Rey, also was well respected and wielded much influence locally.

This year's race for mayor is like a re-run of that battle. Andy Schor, a member of the Michigan Legislature, has made his name handling the business of the State. Judy Brown-Clarke, a city council member and former Olympic athlete, who is also married to Hugh Clark (the local judge) has made her name dealing with local issues (as a member of city council).

Early on, in this year's race, Andy Schor has taken a big lead (according to a local poll*). However, going beyond the polls, if you consider, that since the early 1990s, when you think of the mayor of Lansing, two names come up. Those names are Hollister and Bernero, both former state representatives. So, if Schor's early lead (in votes and campaign funds) indicates anything, it's that the people of Lansing (at least in modern history/since 1990) tend to prefer a former state representative, as their mayor.

Judi Brown-Clarke, if she is elected major would be the first in 3 categories. She would be the first woman elected major of Lansing, MI. She would be the first Black person elected mayor of Lansing, MI. She also would be the first Black woman elected mayor of Lansing, MI.

The general election is Tuesday, November 7th 2017. Lansing residents will vote for the next mayor as well as several seats on city council. Please Vote!!! If you need transportation, CATA, usually offers free rides to and from the polls, providing you show your voting registration card (issued from the Lansing City Clerk). To locate or verify your voting location please call the Lansing City Clerk's office at (517) 483-4131 or go to online.

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