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Peter Spadafore has a vision for Lansing’s Future

When elected to the Lansing School Board, Peter Spadafore hit the ground running with a vision for our schools. Six years later he has a vision for the City of Lansing and is seeking an at large seat on the Lansing City Council.

Spadafore is a fourth generation Lansing resident who graduated from Michigan State University and was recognized by his alma mater as a Distinguished Young Alumni in 2015. He has a track record of dedication to our community most publicly visible through the six years he has served on the Lansing School Board. Spadafore quickly rose to the position of president where he served three years, navigating the board through the development of a strategic plan, the reorganization of the district’s academic programs and the successful passage of the Lansing Pathway Promise bond project.

"In the last six years, we've spent a lot of time working on creating a shared vision, and putting the pieces into place to allow that vision to flourish over time," he says. “I want to continue that work for the city as a whole. Working together to develop shared goals and ideas to improve our city for everyone, not just those in power.”

Spadafore is seeking one of two at-large seats on the Lansing City Council and hopes to hit the ground running to make government more efficient, more transparent, and more accountable. “We need people to feel like their voice matters. I want to work from day one to include residents in developing our shared vision,” he says. “We must also work to be more accountable,” he continues, and he pledges to be open and accessible. “I give out my personal phone number and email address, I encourage people to reach me through social media, I’ve even hosted candidate coffee hours to reach people in their neighborhoods,” he says. “I want to be the type of council member people know and trust to listen to them. We might not always agree, but I will always listen and make the best decision for our residents.”

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