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Takura's Expedition

Thirty-six year old Zimbabwe native Takura Nyamfukudza was raised by his mother and older sister. His mother worked to provide the best life possible for Takura. Takura attended private Catholic School back home in Zimbabwe on the strength of his mother. At the youthful age of sixteen Takura's mother moved her family to the U.S. Takura’s say's his mother did not pacify him, and that she urged and encouraged him to be independent and strong.

Takura’s first job was at Burger King which taught him to be an independent person. By being employed he was able to help his mother financially as well as purchase items important to him such as a pager and a cell phone. His mother also wanted him to have financial savvy so she prompted him to open a bank account at Fifth Third bank where he has banked at the past twenty years.

Takura served twelve years in the Army where he went through extensive training which was physically and mentally challenging. The results of the training was so effective that he started running marathons frequently. He has run northward of twenty-five full marathons. Takura feels that the first race gave him strength to run farther. His second race was ten miles long. With his strong physical and mental attributes the U.S. Army felt he was responsible enough to be second in command in the Field Artillery Battery. Due to two deployments it took Takura six years to graduate from Cooley Law School. During his time at Cooley Law School he worked as a residential tech caring for the physically disabled. Caring for others is second nature to him because his mother is a Nurse and his sister is a Dentist. His entire life he knew he wanted to help others which made practicing law easy.

Currently Takura a Partner and Litigator at Chartier & Nyamfukudz where his trademark is the passion and skill that he brings to fight every case for every person he represents. He truly believes that defending people’s rights in the courtroom is his life’s calling. He holds a high regard for Mary Chartier who is his partner at Chartier & Nyamfukudza Criminal Defense Litigation. Mary has taught him many great things about law. Mary’s partnership with Takura has given him the opportunity to take part in litigating federal cases as well as taking federal cases to jury verdicts multiple times. Takura has two wishes one is to never lose the love for law and, two is he’d like to have the opportunity to argue in Supreme Court. Takura believes that adversity reveals character, but it doesn’t build it. All the more reason why his two wishes will one day come true.

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