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Please support Chris Swope for re-election as Lansing on Tuesday, November 7

Chris has been working hard for Lansing’s citizens to make it more convenient to apply for a U.S. Passport, obtain one of our thirty business licenses and to understand the voting process.

Seen as a respected leader and voter rights advocate, Chris has been fighting to eliminate obstacles to voting and implores the Legislature and Governor to pass “No reason” absentee voting and other common sense laws that increase voter participation.

In addition to being Clerk, Chris and his husband own a small business in Old Town so he understands the challenges of keeping a business afloat and energizing our business districts.

Having lived in Lansing neighborhoods for over twenty years, Chris understands the importance of our diverse neighborhoods, and the challenges we face with crumbling streets and aging homes.

Chris Swope provides a valuable perspective in City Hall as a business owner, community leader, and long term resident. He understands that the City of Lansing needs strong neighborhoods and successful business districts. We need to return Chris Swope to City Hall as an experienced leader who can help Lansing move forward.

#ChrisSwope #LansingCityClerk

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