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Deb Riley-Service, Compassion and Entrepreneurship

Deb Riley is a Los Angeles native that moved to Lansing, Michigan with her family in 1972. She attended Waverly High School and had a desire to be a business owner from a very young age. Following high School Deb furthered her education at Sienna University where she received her bachelors in Community Services. She was bless to have Bishop Dr. Alfred Singleton Sr. as a father and spiritual mentor. Bishop Dr. Alfred Singleton Sr. enabled Deb to utilize her community services degree by allowing her to operate as a community outreach director at the Bread House Church.

Deb has met many of the church’s and community needs. For a period of time Deb served the community by working as a staffing coordinator for a home care agency, all the while running her first business “Deb’s Private Collection.” “Deb’s Private Collection” was a mobile store where she sold clothing. Deb traveled to various locations such as New York, California, Canada, and Chicago to meet with vendors to purchase exclusive clothing that flew off the racks.

Riley has a heart of service in addition, she is extremely compassionate for others. An example of this is how she put various activities on hold to care for her ill mother. Shortly after her mother passed Deb felt the need to help others receive the love and care that had given to her mother. She didn’t desire to do direct care but, she knew she was over qualified to help organize a business that could. While pondering on this business endeavor she networked with her brother in law / business partner Chad Johnson and they launched JWR Health Services nine years ago. The mission of JWR Health Services is to help clients lead a dignified independent life in the comfort of their own homes. The mission would be accomplished by carefully assessing and fully understanding the individual needs of clients and selectively placing trained personnel to meet these needs. JWR Health Services is a great service that is affordable. This program provides seniors and physically disables adults with a day program that is safe, caring, and structured.

Moreover, Chad and Deb created an adult Daycare program after the conception of JWR Health Services. The name of this day program was named after Deb Riley’s mother Elizabeth. It’s called “Elizabeth’s Place” and it’s located at the Bread House Church 1518 S. Washington Lansing, MI 48910. Their hours of operation are Mon-Sat from 7am-6pm and they provide the following services:

  • Multilingual Support

  • Posit Brain Training Exercises

  • Health Management & Education

  • Peron Centered Therapeutic Development

  • Socialization

  • Respite Care

  • Intergenerational Activities

  • Transportation

  • Recreation & Exercise

  • Medical Appointments

  • Computer Basics

  • Medication Administration

  • Nutritious Meals that are non-processed foods prepared in their scratch kitchen

  • This facility is safe with security cameras and security guards

A great benefit of this program is that several payment methods are accepted. This includes: private pay, Medicaid, long term care insurances, as well as pay from Veteran Administration.

Deb Riley has a passion for service to others. Her compassion and dedication is reflected in the community is reflected in the creation of the Elizabeth’s place which she has dedicated to her mother Elizabeth Singleton, and to her father Bishop Dr. Alfred Singleton Sr.

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