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Teirrany Bledsoe & Blessed So Records

Teirrany Bledsoe is a Detroit native that grew up in church. Her father was a big fan of gospel quartet music. On a monthly basis Teirrany’s father would take her to quartet concerts. She too began to love quartet gospel. Although Teirrany is no singer, she has a good ear for gospel music. In fact her ear is so good that she was blessed to manage two quartet groups. Unfortunately one of the quartet groups she managed experienced some heinous situations due to the record label they were under.

This made Teirrany think about starting her own record label, but she had a breaking point. The downside to this wonderful idea was tainted because she got diagnosed with cancer. Glory be to God she fought it and beat it with no chemo or radiation and won! Two weeks after being discharged from the hospital, she began networking on building a record label with integrity. Teirrany built a core team of fifteen people. The members of her team are from all over the United States. Only five of the team members are local. After over a decade of networking she was able to properly get Blessed So Records up and moving.

This woman of God also loves children. In her spare time she teaches adequate training for children part-time. She’s been in childcare twenty eight years. Plus Teirrany also hosts a fifteen minute radio segment on a radio network called Bless Way.

As of now she has many upcoming artist she’d like to sign, but because she wants to ensure success Teirrany has only signed three artists. She wants to provide her artists with direct attention. By the end of the year she plans to sign four additional artists. That would give her a total of seven record contracts. None of her artist are local, Teirrany found them on social media. One of her artists was a contestant on Sundays Best. This artist will release a single coming out this year.

Teirrany Bledsoe is on a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by positioning local and national artist to successfully minister in various platforms in and outside of the four walls of church. So far she’s off to an awesome start.

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