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Letter from the Editor: The Chronicle’s Vision for 2018-“Bridging the Gap in Community”

Yanice Jackson-Long-Managing Editor

Greetings to the greater Lansing Community and beyond! It is an honor and a privilege to address you in our first letter from the Editor. My name is Yanice Jackson-Long, and I am the managing editor of the Chronicle News. Since my return to Lansing Michigan in 2016, there have been some new and exciting changes for the Chronicle as well as the City of Lansing. We are embarking on a new journey which makes me super excited! In this letter I would like to share the vision and plans for the Chronicle in 2018.

Our theme for 2018 is “Bridging the Gap in Community” We, at the Chronicle, are taking the necessary steps to become an accessible platform for the community. Consequently, the community and our business partners will reap the benefits of the changes we make in our mission to serve the needs of the Greater Lansing area.

Streamlining Operations-We know that with the continued evolution of technology and the changing times, we must take the opportunity to develop an overview of the past and focus on what will work for us now. Our organization is working diligently to ensure our resources are being used effectively. We want to have our products and services to reflect a standard of excellence, therefore, our focus is to place staff members where they function optimally. In addition, we will continue to bring new people on board who support our mission and vision.

Improving Distribution Points for Print Publication-Another focal point will be to distribute our publication in areas that are most convenient for the community. We will be adding new racks to local business entities, primarily on the Northside and Eastside of the City. We will also explore new territories to ensure our publication is more accessible to our readers.

Increasing Digital Footprint - In 2018, we will place greater focus on developing our website and social media operations. Our focus is to appeal to a broader age demographic. As a result, we will be more accessible on multiple platforms which include but are not limited to our official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Regarding our news content, we are adding entertainment, health, career search advice and movie review sections.

We also have revamped our official website to accommodate current readers and reach new readers globally. Please visit us at and look around. Let us know what you think. We look forward to your feedback as we find innovative ways to develop and evolve as a business. Your feedback is vital to our success. We hope that you enjoy the new website and find it easier to navigate.

Community Engagement -Our objective for 2018 is to participate widely in more community events to ensure that we are “Bridging the Gap in Community.” Let us hear from you! We want to serve our community optimally to ensure that we pool resources and keep you informed. We believe that accessibility to the community and our business partners is vital.

Customer Service-In 2018 we will continue striving to meet the wants and needs of our customers. Our customers include our readers as well as our business partners. We have served the Greater Lansing Area for thirty-two years and we will strive to stay around in service for many more. We have dedicated this organization to serving our customer to the best of our ability. This includes being responsive to customer inquiries, conducting surveys to address the needs of the people, providing a platform to the community, and being aware of market conditions to ensure we are sensitive to all matters of this great community and business partners. We would like to “THANK YOU” for your continued support!

Furthermore, in May 2018, we will celebrate a huge milestone of serving this community. Please visit our page: We, at the Chronicle News know that this would not have been possible without you. It has been an honor and a privilege providing news and information to YOU! As we move forward we want you to know that we are working hard to continually improve the level of service and dedication that we provide to our readers and business partners.

In addition to visiting our website, we ask that you:

Follow us on Twitter- (@thechronicle86)

About us

The Chronicle News is a publication founded on journalistic integrity, diversity and accessibility to the community. We are dedicated to providing real news that inspires, motivates, and resonates with our readers, and community partners. Our integrity and accessibility are reflected in the content that we provide through our publication, website and social media outlets.

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