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Each night after turning my bed down, I click on the Himalayan Pink Salt lamp that rests on the nightstand beside it. Through the years, I ‘d read a lot about their healing properties and decided it was something that might help alleviate sleeplessness, sinus congestion and migraine headaches, not to mention periodic bouts with depression. At this point, I do believe it is working which is why I’m sharing the story. It is my hope that you, too, will be encouraged to purchase one or a few for every room in the house.

The HPS (Himalayan Pink Salt) lamp has many beneficial properties but primarily it is used to “neutralize positive electro-magnetic ions” that constantly permeate the air we breathe. These ions are released by our televisions, tablets, computers and cell phones every day. Consequently, these and numerous other electrons can create an overflow of electromagnetic radiation that you are unable to see or smell, but can be toxic with long-term, negative health effects that are too numerous to mention.

Benefit #1 – Neutralizing Electro Magnetic Radiation – Himalayan Pink Salt lamps are like having open windows where the softly glowing natural source of fresh, clean air in your environment. By neutralizing electro-magnetic radiation, this helps reduce artificial frequencies and prevents static build up in the home or office atmosphere.

Benefit #2 – Cleans, deodorizes and purifies the air – Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps help clean the air through Hydroscopy which attracts and absorbs contaminated water molecules from the immediate environment and lock into the salt crystals. They have an amazing ability to remove cigarette smoke and other contaminants from the air. This salty, ion neutralizer acts as an overall health booster and help cleans air passages.

Benefit #3 – Better Sleep – Once exposure to positive ions reduces the brain’s blood and oxygen supply that lead to irregular sleep patterns, the negative ions from Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps (HPSL). In direct relation to chromo-therapy, the soothing light can help people who suffer with insomnia.

Benefit #4 – Enhance Mood – Numerous studies suggest that negative ions improve mood and energy levels by increasing serotonin in the brain. Therefore, Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps can help sufferers of Seasonal Affective Mood Disorder (SAD) and other forms of depression.

When buying the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps, coverage is determined by the size of the crystal. The smaller ones are generally used for bedrooms and the larger for living rooms. A lamp wearing one pound will cleanse a small room or a 4 feet x 4 feet area.

Signs of Fake Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

First off, the colors should range from medium pink to dark orange because the salt is full of different light that emanates from the lamp and will be muted or uneven. For this reason, salt coverage emits a warm, soft glow. If your lamp is small but gives off enough light to fully eliminate room, that’s a good sign that the HPSL is fake.

2. A white crystal in the HPSL indicates it is cheap and of inferior quality. Again, look for lamps that emit colors ranging from warm pink to orange. Himalayan salt is much more expensive.

3. If the HPSL handles moisture well with absorption qualities and evaporates efficiently, chances are it’s real. This process is called hydroscopy and is responsible for one of the most common problems inherent to genuine Himalayan pink salt lamps – sweating.

4. If the lamp is extremely durable that’s a big problem because Himalayan salt lamps tend to be rather fragile. It is not uncommon for lamps to be damaged during shipping due to poor packaging or improper handling. Accidentally dropping or bumping your Himalayan pink salt lamp is a sure way to ding or chip away pieces of the salt crystal. If you’ve done either or anything else to otherwise damage a fragile of HPS and lamps have held up well, BEWARE!

5. Suppliers of HPS products understand that it is fragile material. Genuine HPS vendors usually offer flexibility and convenient return policies. If you’re about to buy a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp, make sure the supplier is strict about the return policy. Beware! If selling counterfeit lamps, they’re hoping you won’t discuss shipping procedures or wait until it’s too late to return it. Most don’t survive shipment. Beware if buyer is not flexible with the exchange policy.

6. Be leery if you don’t experience the health benefits that the HMLS provides. People around the globe share firsthand accounts of how the HPSs have improved their lives although there are still many skeptics. But reportedly, there are numerous natural health benefits to these lamps. The increase in demand however, gives reason to investigate the total package before purchasing.

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