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Courtesy Photo-Ms. Abigail(Abby) Johnson

It is my pleasure to introduce Ms. Abigail Johnson of Detroit, Michigan. She is a sixth-grade student, born under the sign of Pisces and will celebrate her 12th birthday on March 19, 2018. Abby, as she prefers to be called, will be featured among a cadre of young, aspiring entrepreneurs at the upcoming Girl’s Entrepreneur Expo at the Boys & Girls Club, 16500 Tireman Street, Detroit, Michigan, from 2pm to 5pm. The Expo is sponsored by T-Rose Entertainment, of Lansing, MI.

Abby’s first bold move as a social advocate for the disenfranchised occurred at the age of six when she requested a meeting with her school principal to discuss the creation of a fund-raising campaign for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. They decided upon a popcorn sale that raised $230.00 and thus her crusade began. Two years later, she discovered her creative, entrepreneurial bent when she was intrigued by social media posts that encouraged youth advocacy. This medium motivated Aby to formulate a business mindset that was followed by requests for business cards, a swivel chair and a desk for Christmas gifts from her parents. Since that time, among numerous accomplishments, Abby has become a motivational speaker to small groups of aspiring young advocates.

This exceptional young lady specializes in designing accessories using beads, wire and fabric. Her most recent venture began in the summer of 2017 when she enhanced a social media project of affixing pompoms more securely and in a creative fashion. Her durable product line includes headbands, flip flops, key chains and earrings.

After presenting her designs in four different trade shows throughout the year, she broke even financially but was encouraged by the opportunity to introduce her product line and developed an outline for her marketing plan.

After conducting research on social media outlets, the eleven-year-old inventor/designer was inspired to start a business venture that she named “Abby’s Promise.” This was her way of “showing children of the world who may not have the opportunity to make a difference, that she promises to make a difference on their behalf.” Abby wants young people across the world to understand that “a change will come about soon, and things are going to get better.”

“The children need to understand that everybody can make a change and you can do more for others” aside from just focusing on self. She believes “that’s one way of making a better world.”

When asked how she implements the ideas that come to mind, Abby said, she “does not write them down but keeps them in the back of my mind.” In the next phase, she “draws a shape of the vision in her hand” which affixes it into her memory.

Although Abby has basically broken even financially on her business venture, she is still committed to investing its proceeds back into the business and donating 10% to charity. Her most recent donation went to the Relay for Life organization and an orphanage in Bangladesh that her mother’s friend is affiliated with.

I asked Abby what she wanted to be when she grows up. Her reply was “a philanthropist, a fashion designer, photographer and actress. It comes as no surprise that this ambitious and industrious young lady has already began planting seeds to make those dreams come to fruition. She understands that being a philanthropist involves volunteering her time and donating to charity; an initiative that is well underway. As an aspiring artist, Abby is honing her drawing skills that will enhance her ability to become a fashion designer. Her work as a photographer is already in place because the old polaroid camera that she worked with initially, has been replaced with a beautiful red digital camera and she takes pictures of “everything!”

Currently, Abby is taking acting classes in preparation for another dream come true aspect of her burgeoning career. After school, her mother, Charisma, picks her up from school and together they go to the studio along with a few close friends. It’s something she enjoys very much as, together, the girls create lines and scripts as budding playwrights. This material is then rehearsed for future performances before an audience of instructors, students and parents.

As if she wasn’t involved extensively, this unique 6th grader participates in the school choral group that sings pop and hip-hop music. She has competed in numerous competitions throughout the year. The most recent vocal/instrumental music contest for students in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan, is awarding $500 to its winner. Her group, known as xxxxxxxxx is singing “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” by Rihanna. Abby has a vocal range of several octaves that places her comfortably between soprano and alto.

Despite all goals, aspirations, dreams and fantasies, Abby still finds time to “socialize with peers.” Like most girls her age, she loves reading Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance and Poetry books, talking on the telephone, playing games like Mind Craft or Roadblocks and participating in sleepovers. Although she knows “a lot of people in general”, Abby “keeps her social group small.”

It goes without saying that this delightful young lady is highly revered in her family. She came out of the womb highly alert to the world around her. Abby was walking and talking by the age of 10 months old According to her mom, “the old soul” is “treasured by her father.” Her 19-year old brother, Jacob, “loves her very much.” He’s “very proud of her accomplishments.” Both sets of grandparents, aunts and relatives think the world of Ms. Abby and so do I.

Her mother, who also works as her business manager, credits Abby for being “a shrewd business woman” already. She maintains her daughter’s social media pages with updates and pictures that keep her followers informed of her accomplishments. Mom’s social media presence, which was encouraged and introduced by Abby, was met with strict governance that said, “I’m just gonna show you one time, mama, so you’ve got to learn it!” The young business woman made it clear that she had no time to waste with trivial matters. She even monitors all written content and photos that her mother submits on her behalf to ensure that “the image” is consistent with the message she tries to portray.

This interview was a sheer delight and I truly look forward to meeting her! The Chronicle News is most appreciative for her graciousness, humility and willingness to take the time to share her fascinating story with our readers. You can find her on Instagram by going to or you may find her on

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