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First Medical Marijuana Application gets Green Light from the Lansing City Clerk-Safety Compliance F

Lansing – Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope announced today that Act Laboratories, Inc. is the first medical marijuana applicant to have successfully completed the City’s extensive review.

Located at 617 East Hazel Street, Act Laboratories has received conditional approval for a business license from the City Clerk. However, the safety compliance facility cannot operate until the State of Michigan has approved their application and obtain a certificate of occupancy from the City.

All applicants, the stakeholders at Act Laboratories passed Lansing Police Department investigation. In addition, their building plan was approved by both the Fire Marshal and the Building Safety Department. The applicant must not owe any money to the City and have proper insurance protecting the City against liability, as well as other legal documents as required by the City Ordinance.

“We are excited to start providing conditional approvals so that businesses like Act Laboratories can move forward with their plans,” said Clerk Chris Swope. “In the coming weeks, we will be providing more approvals.”

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