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3 Details That Make Event Decor More Luxurious

3 Details That Make Event Decor More Luxurious

Creating a luxurious event requires careful assessment of each venue, theme, and decoration. Elegance is achievable through many methods, even when it doesn’t immediately seem clear. Check out these details that make event décor more luxurious so you can use them to your advantage right now.

The Texture

Focusing on the texture of event décor will bring the big day to life in a special way. Cotton is a warm, soft fabric that evokes feelings of wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket. On the other hand, the shiny surface of velvet décor creates a warm feeling with a more upscale, vibrant look.

Satin is also a wonderfully glossy material. Additionally, you can use natural wood for decorations to create a serene atmosphere. Natural wood does this by bringing the serenity of the outdoors to an indoor environment. That said, even outdoor events can use wood and more natural elements to stylistically elevate the décor from the surrounding environment. Each option above will work, and the right choice comes down to matching the perfect decorations to the right setting.

The Color

Scattering decorations across the venue with random colors can look messy. So, find a way to use every shade or hue to bring the event to life among your surroundings. For example, a vibrant color like purple can stand out stunningly if you are using it as a backdrop.

If you want to avoid a strong contrast, you can place décor in deeper shades of purple in front of the backdrop to create a touch of elegance. Natural wood colors and bright flowers bring a unique appearance that stands out from the beautiful fabric and other decorations around the venue.

The Reflective Surface

A critical detail that makes event décor more luxurious is the reflective characteristics of its surface. Using sleek, shiny decorations with reflective surfaces gives you more control over how light travels in the venue. Natural light has a reputation for imbuing any space with a feeling of upscale beauty, so reflective decorations will help you spread that feeling around the venue.

Bringing lights instead of using natural sunlight means you can reflect various colors across shiny décor. Allowing those colorful lights to bounce across each surface will pull the event together in a way that makes the venue feel truly alive. For example, one of the reasons poly satin is among the best fabrics for photo booth backdrops is that the glossy surface bounces light beautifully. Review these tips before your next event to consider how you can use them to elevate the experience for everyone.

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