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3 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

3 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

Cleaning a restaurant is essential for preventing fires, illness, and an overall unattractive appearance. Thankfully, you can use several vital tips to move your restaurant in a better, more sanitary direction. Use these essential tips for keeping your restaurant clean so that you can keep the building welcoming and safe for everyone inside.

Put Cleaning in the Right Hands

One of the most important things to know is that you need to designate cleaning tasks wisely. For instance, a busy restaurant can benefit from someone going throughout the building to get rid of trash and perform other quick cleaning tasks while everyone else delivers food or cooks. However, when the restaurant is winding down, and your other employees have time to clean, put the more specific upkeep tasks in their hands. Having the kitchen staff clean their own equipment at the end of the day ensures that the experts who know the appliances inside and out do the job.

The same principle applies to staff at the front of the house who can wipe down tables once the workday comes to a close. Don’t put just one person in charge of cleaning. Also, don’t let everyone make their own cleaning routines. Upon hiring any employees, make sure they understand what they must clean and how to do it. Thorough training is critical for understanding everything you should know about food sanitation because it helps ensure safe workplace practices.

Keep Your Supplies Stocked

Even if your team has the right training, it will be difficult to keep the restaurant clean without the right supplies. Make the most of your shopping experience so that you can avoid quickly running out of soap, degreaser, and more. For example, if you use lots of degreasers, don’t buy just one bottle.

Set up a specific janitor’s closet, and stock it with bulk cleaning supplies that you can always rely on when you need to sanitize furniture, equipment, and beyond. Then, as your supplies dwindle down, you can plan the best time to stock up on important materials again. Ensuring your team always has access to quality cleaning supplies ensures they can keep your restaurant attractive and inviting.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Another easy and essential tip for keeping your restaurant clean is to plan and print out a specific cleaning schedule. Your schedule should outline who will conduct cleaning each day in specific areas. That way, your employees always know who must get cleaning done that night and won’t leave the restaurant dirty. If the building didn’t undergo proper cleaning when it should have, you can refer to the schedule to see who was in charge that evening. Thanks to each of these tips, you can steer your restaurant in a better direction. Implement one or all of these methods into your workflow to see results.

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