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Alpha Phi Alpha sells out fundraiser, “Wakanda Forever” Premier

Lansing's Alpha Phi Alpha chapter has officially sold out its fundraising event for this evening (November 11, 2022).

The Alphas will host a private screening of the new movie, Wakanda Forever, at NCG cinema in Lansing. The doors open at 6 pm while the film begins at 7. Each attendee will get popcorn and a drink to go along with the movie.

As the chapter celebrates 50 years, they will have a special gathering at 10:06p post-movie to pay homage to this big anniversary in the midst of probate season. On Instagram, they said, "We have some special 'ICE COLD' guests."

If you were not able to purchase tickets, keep up with the celebration via our social media as Yanice Jackson covers the beat in real-time.

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