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Ann Arbor Hard Rock 5-Piece Black Note Graffiti Recording Full-Length Producer Josh Schroeder

Courtesy Photo-Black Note Graffiti

[Ann Arbor, MI Sept. 23, 2023] Black Note Graffiti is an upcoming hard-rock band releasing a new LP with renowned rock producer Josh Schroeder, a Billboard #1 producer from Midland, MI. Never willing to compromise their sound's evolution, Black Note Graffiti continues pushing the boundaries of expectation. The beautiful and the brutal come together, resulting in a twisted yet symbiotic sound. Slated to release a new LP this year, Black Note Graffiti promoted their latest release, "Fall and Rise Volume III," at the Upheaval Festival in Grand Rapids, MI, with major acts like Lamb of God, Falling In Reverse, and Detroit's own Eva Under Fire and OfVirtue.

Schroeder has produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered breakout albums for Lorna Shore, King 810, The Plot In You, Dayseeker, Varials, In Hearts Wake, Tallah, Ghost Bath, The Color Morale, and many others. Nail The Mix invited him to demonstrate the mix techniques he used on several of his acclaimed records. His work spans hundreds of millions of streams across Spotify and YouTube. For more information, please get in touch with David Morales at


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