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Credit Repair Guru Robin Sobomehin to Celebrate5-year Anniversary of Social Coaching Credit Repair

May 28th Event to feature special performance by "BET's Apollo Live" Winner and Amateur Night at the Apollo Emcee Greginald Spencer

Courtesy Photo-(L to R) Entrepreneur Robin Sobomehin and Greginald Spencer.

(Merrillville, IND) - Credit Repair Coach and entrepreneur Robin Sobomehin will celebrate the 5-year Anniversary of her company Social Coaching Credit Repair on Saturday, May 28th at the Dean and Barbara White Community Center, 6600 Broadway in Merrillville. Doors open at 5:30 p.m., and tickets are $15 in advance, $25 at the door.

The event will feature a special performance by first-ever winner of BET's Apollo Live and Emcee of Amateur Night at the Apollo Greginald Spencer. Portions of the event will be broadcast live via social media including an interview with Sobomehin.

"It seems like only yesterday that I was hosting my grand opening," said Sobomehin, who continues to aid scores of clients with improving their credit. "We have reached a significant milestone and want to celebrate with those who have supported and encouraged us along the way."

Guests will enjoy food, beverages, live entertainment, prizes and networking. Sobohemin will also share information about the credit services that her business provides including disputing negative items listed on your report and correcting statuses/balances that are inaccurately listed.

"I could go on and on about the testimonials and success stories," added Sobomehin. "It is my passion and gives me joy to see clients reach credit goals that empower them to live their best financial lives."

For advance purchase tickets, payments can be made via CashApp to $RobinLatoya.

Social Coaching Credit Repair is located in Crown Point, Indiana. For more information or to arrange an appointment, visit

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