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Egypt now has a Pyramid of Plastic Trash

Photo courtesy: 100-year

A different sort of great pyramid has been erected in Egypt’s Western Desert. Rather than enshrining a pharaoh’s glory, it is drawing attention to the issue of plastic pollution.

Located, just outside Cairo, the immense structure took five days to build, weighs a whopping 20 tons, is taller than a three-story building, and was made using the equivalent of one-million plastic water bottles collected from the Nile River.

Led by the zero-waste company "Zero Co" and wine sellers "The Hidden Sea," the new Pyramid is symbolic of an effort to fund large-scale clean-ups for the next 100 years and drive accountability for the single-use plastic problem, an initiative called the 100YR CLEANUP.

“Despite its epic size, the pyramid shows just a fraction of what is an incredible crisis,” said Justin Moran, founder of The Hidden Sea, a wine company that removes 10 plastic pieces of rubbish from the ocean every time a bottle is bought.

“Powered by wine drinkers, The Hidden Sea has removed 18 million plastic bottles from the ocean so far.

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