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Embracing the Grind-Matthew Thornton of Farm Bureau Insurance

By Dianne Hicks-Flourrey

Courtesy Photo-Matthew Thornton Farm Bureau Insurance

MATTHEW THORNTON is an entrepreneur in the Lansing area who owns and operates a Farm Bureau agency. He is one of the few African American’s able to offer insurance to people all over Michigan. Insurance is something that should be available to all people so that they have protection for that auto, home, life and businesses.

In April 2018, he was offered an unbelievable opportunity after being in the insurance industry for 3 years. Thornton was introduced to the insurance industry while working as an assistant manager at Fred Meyer Jewelers in the Meridian Mall. A State Farm trainer came into the jewelry store shopping for an engagement ring. They connected and when he left the corporate side of State Farm the trainer invited Thornton to join his team and learn the business. At this point, Thornton was at a local jewelry store that wasn’t doing well. He decided to begin studying for licensing exams while working at the jewelry store. During the next few years, he helped to open the agency. They were one of the top 100 new agencies in the country within State Farm. Later, he transferred to another agent’s office for the next six months before moving to Farm Bureau to hang his own shingle.

Thornton said, as long as he can remember, he has enjoyed sales and business as part of his life. He wants to build lasting relationships and help his clients come up with solutions which are his favorite parts of what he likes to do for his clients. He tries to advise the people of Michigan on how to properly protect what they cherish most. It is education on how to properly protect themselves and understanding what they are paying for which is paramount to what he wants to do with his business. Again, he wants you to be able to protect your auto, home, life and business with insurance.

Thornton is well-rounded and has come a long way to follow his dream of owning his own business. Born in Chicago, IL he moved to Lawton, MI where his grandparents had a summer home. He graduated from Portage Northern High School in 2003. He found out that he had a passion for music while attending Kalamazoo Valley Community College. While there he started writing lyrics and began making music. He moved to Detroit and worked as an intern with 97.9 WJLB, one of major hip hop radio stations in Detroit. From there he worked on street teams promoting albums for artists like Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, putting together shows and his own album. Around 2012 Thornton decided to focus on his growing family and more stable business. From there he went to work at Fred Meyer Jewelers.

Thornton and his wife Sarah are the parents of five children who are Myah 18, Zoie 16, Avery 14, Reese 8 and Scarlett 6. They have 3 dogs Maximus, KoKo and T’Challa. They currently reside in Dimondale right on the Grand River.

If you would like to reach Matthew or have questions about protecting the things that you cherish the most, you can stop by his Farm Bureau office located at 8155 Executive Ct. Ste. 20, Lansing, MI 48917. You can also email Matthew at or call 517-258-7960.

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