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Flora-Detaching the Stigma and Changing the Face of Cannabis

Updated: Mar 25

The Chronicle News was invited to Flora Cannabis Co. to meet the team and tour the store. We explored the store and discussed how this project came to life. When talking with the team at Flora, they were excited to share the vision of the Company with the Chronicle readership and digital following.

The owners of the company designed the store to fit the needs of the community. They work to elevate the experience for the cannabis community.

For so long the social disapproval of cannabis has caused some within the cannabis community to be discriminated against. The stigmas surrounding cannabis have been harsh stemming from the results of Prohibition, and the War on Drugs. Within the last decade, new laws and open minds have been working to change this narrative. The owners of Flora are working to ‘Change the Face of Cannabis’


The team at Flora works to make sure the experience is judgment-free and welcoming.

Flora Cannabis Co is a company started by friends with a passion for cannabis, and the community. They work to elevate the Michigan cannabis experience. Therefore, the Flora Team promotes the power of quality, tailored to one's values. Join us today for a unique and welcoming experience in the world of cannabis, unlike any other.

Flora’s building, with its artistic flair, stood out in the neighborhood. It wasn’t just a store; it was an experience waiting to be discovered. And at Flora, you were always welcome, no matter who you were or where you came from.


Flora is a Roman fertility goddess, and a symbol of flowers, nature, and spring. The name originates from the word Floris, which means flower in Latin. She represents youthful energy and the blossoming of life.

Stepping into Flora is like entering another world. The Florists are friendly, and the showroom is beautifully designed. Inside the store, you can find a welcoming and artfully designed shop. Outside there is a convenient and familiar drive-thru experience.

Courtesy Photo-The adventure began with a choice: drive-thru or step inside. The drive-thru, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, was for those on the go.


The Team Behind Flora

Thadd Gormas has spent his professional time in the Lansing area partnering with organizations to navigate complex policy environments. He co-founded the Lansing-based production facility Sunrise Mtn in 2018 who are best known for our award-winning brand. Thadd founded Flora in 2023 to provide a different type of retail experience. He worked with a partnership group to develop the property to include cafes and community space in the same building.

Courtesy Photo-Thadd Gormas Co-Owner of Flora Cannabis Co


Having served the Michigan Legislature as an executive and policy thought leader for over a decade, Thadd is trusted by community leaders across Michigan. His work has empowered Michigan organizations & communities to improve health outcomes. The work he is most proud of includes expanding access to health insurance through Healthy Michigan which provides health insurance to about 1 million Michigan residents every year.

Thadd started by engaging in community discussions with Bath Township and the development partners for years before designing a cannabis store the community can be proud of. Flora is intentionally designed to be welcoming to everyone in the community. Florists actively engage visitors with a personalized approach whether they are first-time cannabis shoppers or regulars.


Flora is co-founded and inspired by Thadd’s wife Michelle Gormas who also owns a family medicine practice in Meridian Township. Together, their work intends to support a healthy, vibrant, and diverse Lansing community.


Meet Elayne

Elayne Curry is an Army brat who moved around frequently and decided to make Michigan home. She is a recent graduate of Olivet College who was entertained by the idea of moving due to a lack of opportunities in her desired field of Marketing. While conducting her job search during the Pandemic, she was led to Flora. Flora was able to provide a solid career for Elayne, while she worked in Marketing.

Elayne is passionate about the health of underserved communities. In her free time, Elyane volunteers for several local charities while working as a Barista part-time. As she hones her marketing skills, she is working towards her lifelong dream of owning her own Coffee Shop.


If you would like to find out more about the Flora or chat to the team, feel free to come out to the First Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, April 20th from 11:00 AM-6:00 PM at 7733 E Saginaw Street, East Lansing, MI 48823. All local vendors are welcome to come and set up a table for free. For more information about vendor opportunities please reach out to Elayne at

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