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Head Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo brings holiday cheer by playing the accordion

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

In 2012, a tradition started, mlive writes:

"Every year in late December, Tom Izzo loads his accordion into the back of his car and heads down Abbott road to Reno's in East Lansing.

His weekly radio show is often crowded, but for Christmas, it's packed.

Amidst a sea of Santa hats, Izzo brought his team to the front of the room and handed over the mic. In the unofficial role of MC, junior Adreian Payne introduced his teammates and a new tradition. From now on, the annual player Christmas carol will be song by the freshman."

Tom Izzo kept an annual holiday tradition alive this year, marking a decade since he started playing a Christmas carol on his accordion during his weekly radio show at Reno in East Lansing

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