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How To Prove Your Relationship Is Real for a K1 Visa

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

How To Prove Your Relationship Is Real for a K1 Visa

Love is a wondrous thing. People from different walks of life can meet and fall in love despite their differences. Often, love leads to marriage. When a US citizen falls in love with and wants to marry someone from outside of the US, they often bring their fiancé to the nation. The official name of a fiancé visa is the K1 visa. To apply for and successfully receive a K1 visa, you must provide various pieces of evidence about your identities and relationship. Part of that evidence includes proving your relationship is real. Keep reading to learn how to demonstrate a genuine relationship for a K1 visa.

Keep Time-Stamped Communication Evidence

Many people around the world want to obtain US citizenship, and they’re willing to commit fraud to get it. Immigration attempts to handle those fraudulent applications, which is why providing evidence is so important during the K1 visa application. Time-stamped communication is especially important evidence because it allows application officials to see the lifetime of your relationship. If you can provide time-stamped communication, such as screenshots of text messages or video calls from various points throughout your relationship, officials can see your visa request is legitimate.

Take Date- and Location-Stamped Photos

Another supporting document you need for a K1 visa is evidence that you’ve met in person in the last two years. Date- and location-stamped photos are the best forms of evidence for this meeting to bring alongside additional proof that your relationship is real. Real couples spend time together on different dates and at different locations when possible. Just remember to snap some photos, and you should be good to go! If your phone or camera doesn’t capture date and location, you can still use a social media site’s time-accurate filters to add those details in a reliable way.

Provide Receipts from Couples’ Activities

You don’t have to take a photo together every time you get together for K1 visa evidence. Immigration accepts other types of evidence that demonstrate you’ve spent time together over the course of your relationship. You can provide receipts from couples’ activities as additional proof of spending time together and the reality of your relationship. Even seemingly small receipts, such as those you get from buying two movie tickets, are valid, along with bigger receipts, such as flights together or an engagement ring purchase.

Ask Loved Ones for Written Statements

While your romantic relationship is mostly between you and your fiancé, most people don’t propose without loved ones knowing. Most loved ones witness the relationship before the proposal point as well. Ask these loved ones for written statements about your relationship as you apply for the K1 visa. Try to ask loved ones from both families so that there is plenty of evidence.

Knowing how to prove your relationship is real for a K1 visa sounds stressful, but it all comes down to documentation. The more documentation you have from throughout your relationship, the better. If you don’t have much documentation now, start to gather what you can to ensure you’re ready for the visa application process.

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