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Kyra Harris Bolden, First Black Woman to Serve on Michigan Supreme Court, Celebrates First Anniversary of Her Appointment

LANSING, Mich.— (Jan. 19, 2024)— Kyra Harris Bolden is celebrating one year of history. This month marks the first anniversary of this groundbreaking leader’s appointment to the Michigan Supreme Court, where she became the first Black woman to serve as a Justice. It was a busy year for the state’s highest court, which issued major decisions on consumer protection issues, access to justice, and much more.


“I have always worked very hard to use my voice and stand up for equal justice for all residents of Michigan,” Justice Bolden said. “I will continue to fight for equal justice to create a better state for all Michiganders.”


Justice Bolden is no stranger to public service—before her appointment to the Supreme Court, she served two terms in the Michigan House of Representatives, where she was known as a strong advocate for criminal justice reform and for protecting survivors of sexual violence.


As both the Supreme Court’s youngest member and also the only member of color, she also said she’s proud of the fact that she can serve as a role model for other young people interested in following her path.


“I was recently at an event at Powers Catholic High School in Flint when a young woman came up to me and said, ‘I didn’t think I would see anyone who looked like me,’” Justice Bolden said. “I was so honored to meet her and can’t wait to see the impact she will have on society. If we want more young people to get involved in public service, they need to see themselves in positions of power. It’s been the honor of a lifetime for me to take on that responsibility.”

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