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Meet Kubwa M. Brown, Modern Day Renaissance Man

To call him a “Jack of all Trades” would be an insult, as he is well-versed and excels in multiple fields. Meet modern-day Renaissance Man Mr. Kubwa M. Brown. Kubwa is a man on the move. His well-rounded background includes acting, music, martial arts, and a fitness/clothing line.

Kubwa’s acting career began at seventeen. His resume includes over ten short films, voiceovers, student films, and television commercials. He plays a Detective in the movie ‘Where is She’ and Kubwa can be seen on streaming platforms in the new Mixed Martial Arts television seres Champion.

MikeMarze Entertainment's Champion premiers March 31, 2023 on fitetv

Not only does Kubwa have a knack for the arts, but his versatility carries over to business as he is also the CEO of Kolele Energy, an African culture, health, and wellness shop located at the Lansing Mall. The mission of Kolele Energy is “to help people reconnect with their roots.” They sell a plethora of products, which encourage a healthier lifestyle. The shop contains everything from natural haircare products to clothing (African wear/customized apparel) and jewelry. vitamins, essential oils, and more!

Although Kubwa has a highly active professional life, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones, playing the piano, martial arts, and fitness training in his free time.

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