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Tom Izzo said “Out-coached us, out-played us, out-toughed us” as Spartans fall to Northwestern 70-63

Photo courtesy of Northwestern Basketball via Instagram

East Lansing, MI- In the Breslin Center this evening, the crowd brought unmatched energy as their Michigan State Spartans came home to host the Northwestern Wildcats for the first Big 10 meeting of this season, after over two weeks on the road. The Spartans were unable to come with the energy needed to grab their first conference win.

Michigan State gave up their 7-point lead with 4:36 left in the first half and were never able to recover. Running into some early foul trouble with key players on the bench, the Spartans gave Northwestern many chances from the line. Throughout the duration of the game, the Wildcats had 22 attempts from the free-throw line, converting the opportunities into 19 points on the board. State underachieved on the line compared to their normal showing shooting 75%.

Tom Izzo said, "That's a better Northwestern team (than last year) because of the way they guard. That is a very good defensive team"

Izzo’s Spartans struggled to sustain defensively, allowing the Wildcats to go an impressive 50% from the field. Northwestern was able to shut down many looks for State in the latter half of the game with their effective hedging and a go-to-the-ball mentality.

Of the challenges they are facing as a team, Izzo said, "We have some guys who can make shots and some guys who can defend and not enough who can do both."

Northwestern’s Boo Buie was unafraid of contact and physicality in the paint, picking up 13 points from the field for his team. His partner, Chase Audige, was unashamed to let it fly, grabbing 15 points from the field, including 9 from outside the arc.

It was an entertaining, well-coached game with Northwestern executing when it mattered most.

With confidence in his team, Izzo said, "We could have beaten any of the teams we have played."

Entering his 27th season at State, Izzo has built something of a dynasty here in East Lansing. He has never had a losing season and I am sure he does not plan for that to change. They will have their next conference outing at Penn State (6-2) on Wednesday, December 7.

The Wildcats will be looking forward to their next game against Prairie View A&M (4-4) on December 11.

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