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Native Tribes get 'Millions' to help them Escape Climate Change

Three Tribal communities in Alaska and Washington state that have been severely impacted by the effects of climate change on their homes are getting $75 million from the Biden administration to help relocate to higher ground.

The Quinault Indian Nation, located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington; the Newtok Village, located on the Ninglick River in Alaska; and the Native Village of Napakiak, located on Alaska's Kuskokwim River will each receive $25 million, the Interior Department announced this week (Nov. 30).

In addition to that money, the federal government is also providing nearly $18 million to help these three communities build new infrastructure.

The three tribes are just part of a growing number of communities in the U.S. that are facing a ticking clock as the effects of climate change pose a serious risk to their homes due to rising sea waters and shore erosion.

Chronicle News/NPR Graphic

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