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Rachel Willis Lansing City Council At-Large Candidate-Community, Commitment, and Collaboration

Courtesy Photo-Rachel Willis candidate Lansing City Council At-Large

To some, the City of Lansing is merely the Capital City of Michigan, but to Rachel Willis Lansing is home. Rachel is the second of three children born to Roger and Robin Lewis. She is the daughter of a law enforcement officer and registered sanitarian. From her upbringing, came the importance of service serving within her community.

Rachel recalls hearing stories from her grandfather about attending the March on Washington in 1963 and in 2013. This was yet another example set, showing Rachel the importance of education and civil service.

Rachel graduated from Everett High School in 2006 and later obtained a master’s degree in Social Work from Michigan State University. Professionally, Willis has dedicated her life to helping and protecting children and the underserved. As a Director of the Bureau of out of Home Services of MDHHS, Willis, has assisted children in finding permanent homes through adoption reunification, through foster care.

Courtesy Photo-Rachel and family

The examples set around Willis helped mold her into the person she has become. She has extensive experience in Nonprofit Organizations, child welfare program management, program coordination and relationship management.

Working in high-paced environments with multiple priorities comes naturally to Willis. She currently serves as the Vice President of the Lansing School District Board of Education. Willis was elected to public office in 2011. Willis served for six years on the Capital Region Community Foundation.

Beyond her passion for helping others, Rachel has consistently demonstrated the skills necessary to propel Lansing forward. Rachel has a track record of trustworthy leadership and a demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations. She is working to help ensure those surrounding her are successful, because she knows this builds strong communities.

Among her awards are the 2018 Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Grand River Connection, 10 Over the Next Ten Award, the Lansing State Journal’s next generation of Black Leaders in 2018, the Michigan Federation for Children and Families’ 2019 Advocate, Collaborate, Make a Difference Award.

Rachel Willis is running for Lansing City Council At-Large because she has committed herself to serving the diverse population of Lansing. She is doing what it takes to help restore, rebuild, and reunite the City of Lansing. She is asking for your support and vote on November 2, 2021. For more information or to connect with Rachel please visit

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