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Rakim Allah-Legendary Icon of Hip Hop

Courtesy Photo-Rakim Allah also known as the God MC, Kid Wizard, the R and the 18th letter. Has had a career in hip hop that has spanned five decades.


When thinking about the foundation and culture of hip-hop, Rakim is thought of by many hip-hop enthusiasts as one of the Greatest Rap Artists in history. Rakim is an American rapper regarded as one of the greatest and most influential MCs the world has ever seen.

Born William Michael Griffin, on January 28, 1968, in Wyandanch, Long Island, New York, to an artistically inclined family. His father, William Griffin Sr. was a soft-spoken and sensitive man, and his mother sang opera and jazz. He and his brothers also played various musical instruments.

At the age of 16, he converted to Islam, adopting the name Rakim Allah after joining the movement ‘Five-Percent Nation’. With time, he appeared as the most vocal spokesperson for ‘Five-Percent Nation’; his faith was luminescent in his lyrics.

Rakim is also one-half of the celebrated hip-hop duo ‘Eric B. & Rakim’ whose complex lyricism greatly boosted the hip-hop genre. An expert exponent of the art, he is placed on the same pedestal as some of the greatest luminaries of rap music such as Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, LL Cool J, Melle Mel, Chuck D, and Kool G Rap.

While much of his elevated status is due to his teaming up with Eric B., his solo career too is brilliant and a source of inspiration to many; his music sets new standards for the artists following in his footsteps. His unique style and lyrical prowess have influenced countless artists within the genre.

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