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Rishi Sunak on track to become Britain's next Prime Minister

History is about to be made in Great Britain with the selection of the nation's first non-white Prime Minister.

42- year-old Rishi Sunak, the English-born son of parents from India, will, almost certainly now, be the next occupant of #10 Downing street, the official residence of the leader of the British government.

Sunak's two leading rivals in the race to replace Liz Truss as PM pulled out of contention today before a single vote was cast among members of the Conservative Tory party.

Considered a centrist and pragmatic politician, Sunak emerged in the latest leadership contest as a safe pair of hands to guide the U.K., after Truss' policy proposals around tax cuts and spending shook the government's credibility and spooked financial markets.

Sunak's rise in British politics has been nothing short of meteoric. After entering Parliament in 2015 after a career in banking, he was appointed just five years later as finance minister — a role formally known as chancellor of the Exchequer, the U.K.'s Treasury.

Sunak will be the first British-Asian to become prime minister and the first nonwhite to take the top job. And at 42, he'll also be England's youngest PM in more than 200 years.

Photo courtesy of Reuters

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