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Seizing the Opportunity, NeekaRae becomes an Opportunity art affiliate

Photo courtesy of Opportunity Arts

Ta’Neeka DeMyers aka NeekaRae is a singer, songwriter, worship leader, background vocalist, pianist, and guitarist from Lansing, MI. Though her career has just begun, NeekaRae is highly accomplished. Aside from being a worship leader at her home church, City Life Lansing, she has performed at the SOAR awards, College Gospel Choir Nights, and the 2020 Olivet College Commencement, as well as many events at prominent churches across the Midwest.

A natural born performer, NeekaRae has been honing her craft for as long as she can remember. She aspires to one day become a full time vocalist and playwright on Broadway. She earned numerous college scholarships, the title of “Ms. Olivet,” and the respect of the numerous artists with whom she has collaborated. With a B.A. in Music: Vocal Performance and a minor in Writing, NeekaRae also seeks to teach and inspire the next generation of vocalists and performers.

NeekaRae comes from a highly musical background and translates this tradition into her music at every opportunity. Her future looks bright and her talent is undeniable. To learn more about NeekaRae and all of her upcoming endeavors check out her YouTube Channel: NeekaRae29

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