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Tatse’ & Alobosa Bar; A Gem Hidden in Plain Sight Celebrates a Year in Business

Courtesy Photo-Taiwo Adeleye CMA, RSME, RSMT, RSDE. Owner of Tatse' Restaurant & Alobosa Bar, President/Artistic Director-Michigan Dance and Movement Collective

Meet Taiwo Adeleye West Africa's 1st Certified Movement Analyst. From Dance to Choreography to entrepreneurship, Taiwo wears many hats and wears them well.

Born in Nigeria, as a child of a single mother, scholarships provided Taiwo with a pathway to success in his first love: dance. He immigrated to the U.S. to pursue his dreams of being a professional dancer, after studying dance in his native country.

In 2017 Taiwo relocated from New York to Lansing, Michigan, yet remains a hidden gem. He is extremely active in the community because he has a mission to help enrich the lives around him, by sharing his gifts of artistic movement and culinary artistry.

Taiwo has the desire to share his culture and uplift the community in a holistic manner. One of the ways he shares his culture is through dance. Taiwo utilizes his diverse dancing skills (Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher of AfroBeats, Afro-Modern, Salsa, Bachata, and Creative) and unique credentials (Certified Movement Analyst/Therapist, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist / Dance Educator / Movement Educator, and Dancer) to help others heal from the inside out by touching on the emotional aspect of dance.

He has worked with various dance organizations in the Greater Lansing Area including Happendance Center of Performing Arts. In addition, to working there as a dance instructor, he founded Michigan Movement & Dance Collective. This is a nonprofit dedicated to sharing dance with people who may not normally have the means to take lessons. Michigan Dance & Movement Collective harnesses the transcendent power of dance and movement to empower communities through Arts and Culture.

The organization is based in Lansing, Michigan, and aims to bridge the gaps within Michigan’s communities by providing a range of high-caliber dance, movement, and Arts and culture events accessible to ALL people, regardless of their income level, age, color, gender, or ability.

In addition to Taiwo’s endeavors in dance, he has created a unique space to enrich Lansing in African culture through Food, Music, Dance, Fashion, and Lifestyle. He founded Tatse’ Restaurant and Alobosa Bar in April 2021. Before opening the doors of Tatse', Taiwo started sharing his dishes by using a small business incubator space within the Allen Neighborhood Center.

Tatse’ which means 'Red Bell Pepper', and Alobosa means 'Onion' in the Yoruba culture. These vegetables are used in the base of most Nigeran dishes and thus are a prominent part of the logo. Tatse' is located at 221 S Washington Square in Lansing, Michigan, and is one of a kind. It is unique as it is the only establishment that draws a night crowd in downtown Lansing. It also is the first restaurant in Lansing that offers this type of African Cuisine, coupled with a comfortable nightlife feel complete with Cocktails and Mocktails.

Tatse' hosts cultural events within the space such as the 1st ever-African Festival in Lansing. This attracted more than 800 people to Downtown Lansing during the 2-day event. Taiwo plans to host more of these events Downtown, including African dance and Salsa dance nights. This is done to help meet needs by helping to boost economic support within Downtown Lansing.

Tatse' Restaurant plans to support the community when a need arises. A recent example is when Tatse' provided free meals to over 100 students from Michigan State University Students, during the Spartan Strong period.

To celebrate the Year Anniversary of the opening of Tatse', Taiwo is hosting a bash on Saturday, April 1st, 2023 from 5:30-9:30 PM at Tatse'. The price of admission for this event is $50 for one ticket. and $80 for two tickets. This price includes a three-course meal, a live Band, and Music by the Corzo Effect and DJ Kuda. All proceeds from this event will cover event costs and go towards the operations of the business.

Although Tatse' has survived one year of operations, business operations have become increasingly more difficult. Taiwo is asking for the support of those near and far, to assist with the costs of business operations at Tatse'. In a time with staffing shortages and dwindling patronage, the support of the greater Lansing residents is crucial to the survival of this entity.

To support Taiwo as he continues his mission of holistic healing and philanthropy, please purchase a ticket by clicking the link below. If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation to help keep the doors of Tatse’ open to the public!

The price of admission is $50 for one ticket and $80 for two tickets. This price includes.

· Three-Course Meal

o Salad

o Northern Slaw- red and green cabbage, pickled carrot, red onion, cilantro, curried dressing

o Light fare

o Fried Ravioli with Jollof Dipping sauce.

· Entrée

o Salmon (skin on, glazed in one of your stew sauces, but sweeter)

o Mustard Onion sauce

o Jollof Risotto

o Vegetable Sauté

· Dessert

o Banana,

o Crème Brulé with fried plantains, nuts, and orange compote.

· Live Band and Music by the Corzo Effect and DJ Kuda


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