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The City of Lansing Adds New Public Art Pieces to Hunter’s Park and Allen Neighborhood Center

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Bicycle Racks by Artist Ivan Iler

funded by LEAP Public Art Grant with Support from PNC Foundation

LANSING, Mich. (June 29, 2023) – The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP), Allen Neighborhood Center, Prospect P.L.A.C.E. Neighborhood, and the City of Lansing came together to dedicate new public art pieces today in Hunter Park and Allen Neighborhood Center (ANC). The pieces consist of four bicycle racks, designed by artist Ivan Iler, and offer the micro-mobility space more opportunities to visit these two community destinations. These are the latest pieces of permanent public art funded partly by a $10,000 grant from LEAP's Public Art for Communities (PAFC) grant program, with support from the PNC Foundation.

The two joint applicants, Allen Neighborhood Center and Prospect P.L.A.C.E Neighborhood chose artist Ivan Iler of Ivan Iler Studios to enhance the park area and ANC. “We had the pleasure of collaborating with Ivan Iler, whose visionary artistry has brought our community’s aspirations to life. Ivan engaged with the community and captured the essence of our shared values and aspirations. His creativity seamlessly intertwines the unique spirit of Hunter Park and ANC/Allen Place, while reflecting the vital themes of gardening, connection, and cycling that resonate within our community. We are humbled and privileged that Ivan chose to partner with us on this endeavor.” said Yasmina Bouraoui, project lead of Prospect P.L.A.C.E Neighborhood.

The Prospect P.L.A.C.E. Neighborhood covers the area from Kalamazoo Street to Michigan Avenue, and Holmes Street to Allen Street. It is a diverse community of homeowners, renters, recent arrivals, longtime Lansing residents, and folks of all ages.

“As I was designing and building these pieces, the community is who influences me the most. Public art has the power to enhance an area and attract the community to the local businesses nearby. I'm honored to have been selected to create something for the community,” said Artist, Ivan Iller.

Prospect P.L.A.C.E. described the plan for the public art pieces with three bicycle racks being installed in front of ANC and Allen Place. They feature three distinct colors inspired by fall foliage. The bicycle racks themselves are distinct single leaves from the “Mother Tree," which is an Arts Impact grant installation slated to be installed in Hunter Park in August 2023.

“Public art is critical to placemaking and community economic development, and these grants are indispensable funding sources to create art for our community. These sculptures will provide beauty to Hunter Park and our neighborhood for years to come,” said Joseph Enerson, executive director of Allen Neighborhood Center.

ANC is a place-based organization dedicated to igniting neighborhood revitalization and fostering community engagement on Lansing’s Eastside. Their programming focuses on health, housing, and food. ANC also owns Allen Place, a multi-use development housing 21 apartments, a health center and pharmacy, a co-op grocery store, and a shared-use kitchen.

"Public art is so important for our community, and I am proud to be able to support projects such as this with our partners at LEAP and Prospect P.L.A.C.E. Lansing is a vibrant city and enhancing public spaces through the placement of art installations is important as we continue to grow and build a true sense of community for everyone,” said Mayor of Lansing, Andy Schor.

A fourth bicycle rack is being installed at the Hunter Park Gardenhouse demonstration farm and community garden, incorporating a vegetable design, which will complement the walking path, community swimming pool, and artistic bus shelter at Hunter Park. Gardening and art are a natural combination, creating opportunities for public engagement around beauty, growth, and placemaking.

“The new public art project is the latest step in a community-driven effort to develop an art corridor along Kalamazoo Street, which brings us together as a proud community, and attracts visitors to local businesses. This project also helps us achieve our goal of creating a more bike-friendly neighborhood, to make health and mobility more accessible to all,” said Ethan Schmitt, president of Prospect P.L.A.C.E. Neighborhood.

Since 2012, the PAFC grant program has invested $290,000 across the three-county Lansing region, funding 47 individual permanent art installations of varying mediums. Iller’s pieces are the most recent addition to regional placemaking success.

“Placemaking is a powerful economic development tool when strategically implemented,” said Bob Trezise, president & CEO of LEAP. “The PAFC grant program focuses on transforming strategic locations through art — these bicycle racks are functional art pieces that represent an opportunity for community members and visitors to support the community and local businesses nearby such as Hunter’s Park and Eastside Lansing Food Co-Op,” said Bob Trezise, president and CEO of LEAP.

In 2015, LEAP formed a collaboration with the PNC Foundation, which focuses on early childhood education initiatives and economic development, including cultural enrichment programs that benefit communities. PNC's annual contribution helped expand the program and the number of pieces funded each year.

“PNC’s ongoing support of LEAP’s public art grant program reflects our national main street bank values and commitment to the communities where we conduct business,” said Timothy Salisbury, PNC regional president for Mid-Michigan. “The arts bring us together and play a critical role in supporting the economic vitality of our communities today and well into the future.”

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