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The Queen Speaks! A Conversation with Laure' Pen "The Jingle Queen"

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Courtesy Photo-Lauren Watson also known as -Laur'e Pen "The Jingle Queen"

Laur’e Pen shares-we listen!

I caught up with the rising star for news on her upcoming 3rd album, Super Ho: Don’t Play with Godand for a little fun, forming her ‘perfect fantasy band’ lineup.

Laur’e Pen will use the life and experiences of her alter ego Lauren Watson to spread her message. With heavy influences from legends like Lauryn Hill and Toni Braxton, she delves deep into relationship woes, and so much more of her life. Check out her single Poison Pt. 2: Dumb Dial

Laur’e: “I’ve dated men and women. Overcome domestic abuse, sex trafficking with a married couple, drug and alcohol abuse, and a few near-death experiences. All of this to come out on the other side to walk a righteous path. I plan on sharing all of this as my testimony on this album.”

Me: “If you could travel in time and put together the perfect band like Bill and Ted, who would be in it?”

Laur’e: “Jimi Hendrix on guitar, Stevie on piano, Prince as my bass player. You’ll have to come back to me on the drummer…”

Me: “What type of music would you make?”

Laur’e: “With the sort of line-up, it would probably be more R&B or Rock. Definitely something with a message.”

Me: “Did you figure out who you would want as your drummer?”

Laur’e: “LOL, not yet… I’ve got it narrowed down to two.”

Me: “Aye, progress, LOL! What about a company that you would want to write a jingle for?”

Laur’e: “Lyft, they don’t have one, and they started in Atlanta, which is near and dear to my heart.”

Now, back in the Midwest from her 2nd home, Pen speaks about attending MSU for a major in Digital Storytelling that can partner with her sound engineering credentials.

Laur’e: “I want to build a multimedia company. My fiancé got me into digital storytelling, showing me green screen effects. He’s a visual artist with animation.”

Me: “Nice, so you bring the sound, and he brings the visuals. Guess what time it is? Do you have the final piece for your band?”

Laur’e: “LOL, I do! I’m going with Sheila E. Gotta have her represent for the ladies.”

Me: “Nice, you went heavy with the Revolution I see, LOL.” Any other pieces you would want to add to your dream team?”

Laur’e: “Well… I can’t call them backup singers. More like co-workers, but in a perfect world, I would have Luther and Aretha with me.” To my heart, I’m old-school.”

For more of Laur’e Pen’s work, check out

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