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The Trade Network-Business Bartering

Trade Network will be celebrating 30 years of operations in 2021. We help local businesses save cash and gain new customers through modern bartering. Our members earn and spend trade dollars which spend the same as cash the same as cash at participating businesses. Trade Network was founded in 1991 in Lansing and has grown to serve nearly 1,000 businesses in Lansing, Jackson, and Grand Rapids areas. A family business, Evan Kay is now the owner of Trade Network, with a staff of four other people.

Trade Network members can use their dollars to barter for products and services ranging anywhere from $5 to $50,000! Here are some examples of both everyday trades that happen, and larger trades that our members have been able to trade for: $5 trade for ice cream $50 for shopping at a local retail store $500 a year of lawn mowing service $5,000 for a roofing installation $50,000 for corporate advertising campaign HOW OUR BARTER EXCHANGE WORKS 1. Your business earns “trade” dollars by selling goods/services to other Michigan business owners in our network at your regular price. 2. You then use those trade dollars, just like cash, to purchase goods/services from any other of the several hundred businesses in our network.

3. You pay 12% commission in U.S. dollars to Trade Network when you spend your trade dollars. 4. If you choose to remain a member after a year (95% do), you’ll pay an annual membership renewal of 250 trade dollars.

Trade Network 3721 W. Michigan, Suite 201 Lansing, Michigan 48917 517-886-8900 Are you interested in joining our network? Please let us know and we will assist members to find other businesses to barter with.

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