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What you need to know about Michigan State’s Big Ten 74-56 win over Nebraska

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The Detroit News, AL GOLDIS, AP

Michigan State buckles down on defense in the first half

State only allowed Nebraska 17 points in the first half. Something Izzo has wanted to see is more from his team, specifically more consistency on defense. MSU delivered in the first half. Although they lagged in the second half, it is apparent that they are able to execute the defense effectively. We just need to see it for 40 minutes.

The offense finds its fluidity

The first half showed what The Spartans are capable of. They found their rhythm; they gelled. Collectively, they took care of the ball only turning it over four times in the first half. The ball movement was impressive and together, they found good looks at the basket. They also exemplified great shot selection. The Spartans hovered right around 50% on field goals. Tyson Walker had 14 points alone in his first 8 minutes on the floor; 21 for the game.

State gets to the boards

There was a collective effort in the rebounding campaign tonight with Sissoko leading the charge, adding 10 boards - five being offensive. They were fundamental on boxing out to retrieve second looks on offense which proved pivotal down the line. As a whole, State out-rebounded the Cornhuskers 46-29.

Spartan bench shows up

Although it looked like a different team from the first half to the second, MSU was still able to hang on as the Spartan bench showed up throughout. Both Pierre Brooks and Jaxon Kohler did substancial work; Brooks with 8 points and Kohler with 10 points and 3 rebounds. Steven Izzo checked in tonight as well, making for a sweet father-son connection. The Izzone went absolutely wild for that check-in. He definitely has fans.

Michigan State in back in action Jan. 7 at 2:30p hosting University of Michigan.

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