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Wrestler, LIO RUSH set to wrestle at the VIP Live Professional Wrestling Match "STACKED" in Dallas

Dallas, TX – Lio Rush will wrestle at the VIP Wrestling Match in Dallas on April 23, 2021, at the Haltom Theatre. The former ROH & WWE wrestler will be among other celebrity and professional wrestlers to perform that night. The DFW All-Pro Wrestling Academy presents "STACKED. "

Lio Rush is the reigning Major League Wrestling World Middle Weight Champion. His style and personality are captivating and have gained his spotlight in the entertainment industry. From WWE to his latest album, "The Final Match," his ability to think outside the box sets him apart from other creatives in his generation, and his wealth of talent is renowned.

Rush is best known for his time with WWE where he is a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion and his time with Ring of Honor (ROH) where he won the 2016 Prospect Tournament. He is also known for his Combat Zone World Heavyweight Championship win and CZW Wired Championship win.

At 25 years old, the champion wrestler created a name for himself quickly and looks to move the world with his words and life experiences. As a wrestler, actor, singer, songwriter, television and social media personality, Lio has shared his gifts on platforms including Fuse TV with Rapper Wale, "The Power Rangers Movie", "WWE 2K19", and "MTV's The Challenge: Double Agents”, which aired December 2020.

As a newcomer in the entertainment industry, Lio Rush is resilient. His heart, motivation, and drive allow him to move seamlessly between projects and passions. As an artist, his transparency to his fans and audiences is peculiar. Lio brings a unique blend of R&B, Pop, and Melodic Hip-Hop to the table with his music, where he melodically rants off his deepest thoughts and fears on love, drugs, and more.

Rush will match Will Allday and Chandler Hopkins in the VIP Undisputed World Title Match. Attendees will have the chance to meet Lio Rush during the meet and greet segment at 6:30 p.m. Doors are set to open at 7:30 p.m., and the show will start at 8:00 p.m.

For more information on the match and how to purchase tickets, please visit


About Lio Rush

Lio Rush is a champion wrestler, music artist, and actor. The former WWE and ROH wrestler dedicate his time to his family and producing entertaining content that speaks to his various passions. He currently pursues his wrestling career with New Japan Pro Wrestling, the largest professional wrestling company in Japan. Rush has released two studio albums, and his unique style and transparency captivate the attention of others. Featured in Forbes, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Bleacher Report, and Hip-Hop DX, Lio Rush continues to move up in the entertainment and music industry ranks.

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