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May 15, 2018

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BORN Leading By Example

September 23, 2017


BORN is made up of three members. Branded, Divonne Wins, and Stiggidy. BORN represents change, and redemption through Christ. The backwards red R represents the blood of Christ dying for an imperfect people. The color red represents the Blood, and the backwards R represents an imperfect people. BORN started out as an organization Stiggidy started in 2009 that would bring talented unsigned Christian artist together on stage to perform at an annual event. Although the first BORN Christian Music Festival show barely broke even on expenses, Stiggidy's vision was still very much alive. Due to Stiggidy's difficult personal life changes, the music festival idea was put on hold. Stiggidy always had a love for producing and writing music. Stiggidy met Branded at the UCAN Recording Studio in Bay City, Michigan just before the first BORN Festival. The two became friends instantly and soon was inseparable. Branded was in the middle of perfecting his craft at that time and Stiggidy was going through personal issues that hindered him from actively pursuing his dream. UCAN studios closed and Branded moved away, but the two linked back up over a year later and decided to do music for the fun of it and the two decided to call the group, BORN.

Stiggidy met Divonne Wins at a local church in Bay City, Michigan where Divonne was visiting from California. Divonne was in town taking a break from touring with the Eddie James Ministry to potentially start a dance ministry of his own with a friend whose dad pastored the church Stiggidy and Divonne met at. A very unusual incident happened and Divonne needed a place to stay until He figured out where God wanted him to be. Stiggidy opened his home up to Divonne and the two became friends. During Divonne's stay, Stiggidy was working on the BORN album in his home studio. The group was going through a time of restructuring itself and rewriting songs for the album when Divonne took interest and contributed parts to the album, including singing hooks and tracks. With no intentions to be in the group, Divonne relocated to Georgia and went back on tour with Eddie James Ministry. Divonne later made a commitment to BORN and became part of the group,

BORN's style is to be as vulnerable as possi