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May 15, 2018

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February 8, 2018


Allen Park, Mich. - The following are quote sheets featuring excerpts from today's introductory press conference for Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia.

Opening Statement: “All right, good afternoon. On behalf of Mrs. Ford and her entire family I’d like to extend a welcome to all the members of the press who are here today and to Lions fans everywhere who are watching us. I firmly believe this is an incredible day in the history of the Detroit Lions. As Bob (Quinn) said during his press conference, we announced our coaching change and the beginning of a coaching search. Our goal is to win and to compete for championships. I believe that we are taking the next step in meeting those expectations today by introducing Matt Patricia as the next head coach of the Detroit Lions. I would like to welcome Matt, his wife, Raina and their entire family to Detroit. We’re thrilled to have you here. Before I introduce Bob, I would like to say a few words about our coaching search. As Bob promised, it was a thorough process. I want to congratulate Bob on being incredibly prepared in identifying a great list of candidates for us to meet with and for preparing a detailed list of questions that we asked every candidate. It became clear to both of us as we concluded this process that we wanted Matt Patricia to be our next head coach. And now I’d like to introduce our general manager Bob Quinn, who will introduce Matt. Thank you.”

Opening Statement: “Thanks for being here. Thank you to Mrs. (Martha) Ford and her family for their leadership and guidance through this process and their belief in me for picking our next new Head Coach. Thanks to Rod (Wood) for his assistance during the process, you know Rod was next to me every step of the way and he was a great resource for me during the last four or five weeks. We met with several strong candidates during the process and we were impressed with each and every one of them. Matt (Patricia) separated himself in our mind from the others in our two meetings with him. We met with Matt during the Patriots first bye weekend before the divisional round in Massachusetts and then again in their Super Bowl bye week again in Massachusetts. Few comments about Matt, Matt’s been an integral part of a very successful NFL organization for the last 14 seasons. During his time in New England, he coached on both sides of the ball, starting off as an offensive assistant, then assistant offensive line, and then moving over to defense. Coached the linebackers for five years, safeties for one year, and then defensive coordinator since 2012. I’ve known Matt since he came to the Patriots in 2004, you know in fact we sat next to each other in a lot of team meetings in New England for many of our years together. We also spent a great deal of time together on the road scouting college prospects, traveling around the country trying to find new players for the Patriots when we worked together there. When we set out, we had a list of qualities that we wanted to make sure the new head coach had and those were integrity, leadership, intelligence, work ethic, and being innovative in all aspects of the football operation. After our initial meeting with Matt, it was clear that he fit those qualities. You know, I feel very confident that Matt is the right head coach for the Detroit Lions. Before I introduce Matt, I want to take a minute to recognize: his wife, Raina; his sons, Dominic and Dante; and his daughter, Gia. Matt’s parents, Ed and Lucy, welcome. And Raina’s parents, Ray and Elaine, welcome. It’s my sincere pleasure to welcome and introduce the head coach of the Detroit Lions, Matt Patricia.”

Opening Statement: “I just have a couple opening remarks. I just want to obviously thank some people and kind of tell everybody a little bit about myself. I want to thank everyone for being here today. Really, this is a dream come true for me. I believe that having the opportunity to be the head coach of an NFL team is a very rare and special gift. And I’m honored and grateful to be named the head coach of the Detroit Lions. This position carries great responsibility and I take that responsibility very seriously, and I’m going to do everything I can to lead this organization in the right way. My goal is to help this organization, this fanbase and this city to make it proud. I will work tirelessly to build a team that everyone around here can be proud of, both on and off the field. I’d like to start off by thanking Mrs. (Martha) Ford and her family. Thank you so much for being so welcoming through this process, obviously today. Rod Wood, Bob Quinn, thank you guys very much for believing in me and trusting me to be the head coach of this franchise. I’m really very excited and honored to be here. Just a quick mention and thanks to Jimmy Sexton for all your hard work behind the scenes. I appreciate you very much. Very excited to be a part of this historic and passionate city. Your love for sports, both professionally and collegiate is second to none. And I take that passion seriously.

This is a blue-collar-grind-it-out community that thrives on hard work and achieving success through commitment, teamwork and never-give-up attitude. We strive to replicate that on the field. I’m truly excited for the Lions fanbase. I’ve had the opportunity to play here a couple times and I’m very excite