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May 15, 2018

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June 11, 2018


On if he has an update on Lions FB Nick Bawden after an apparent injury yesterday: “I mean, you know, football practice obviously we’re trying to make sure that everybody’s put in the best position possible. I don’t have any comment, or discussion about, or anything from that situation. He just unfortunately couldn’t finish practice with the situation yesterday. I think just in general for me, for everybody here, injuries will be something that we definitely won’t talk about outside our own little world or put any sort of expectations of what that is. Injuries are a complicated situation. They involve a lot of different facets from the players, the agents, the doctors, the trainers, the coaching staff, the rosters. So, for us it’s best to just try and evaluate the situation as best we can. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer than just an immediate response. So, like I said, unfortunately he wasn’t able make to it through practice. We’re kind of going through the process right now to see what that is.”

On a report that the team fears Bawden tore his ACL: “I mean, you know as far as me again, we’re not going to talk about it.”

On if injuries are a big reason why versatility is important: “You know what? That’s a great question and a great observation. I think when you go through a season, and you have rosters that are limited, and you’re only allowed to play with so many players active, that versatility is critical for all positions. I mean really, except for maybe your long snapper, a couple of your kickers, and your quarterback, everyone really has to have multiple roles on the job, on the team. And that’s something that’s critically important. Surely guys who can do more than one thing and can do it at a high level have a greater value to the roster.”

On the difference between coaching 90 players this time of year and how he moves from unit to unit: “I mean for me again, I love it because you get to actually reach out and get to be a part of all the different groups on the field. Even as an assistant coach though, you’re always forming relationships with everybody across the board. You know, whether it’s the offensive side, the defensive side, special teams specific, whatever the case may be. This is just a great opportunity for me to go hands-on on the field, go see their work, see how they improve. You know, maybe interject where I feel appropriate, which is always good. But just in general as a coach, you want to be out there coaching, and I get to do it in a lot of different facets instead of just one which is great.”

On his early impressions of Lions WR Teo Redding: “You know again, just a young guy trying to learn right now. A guy that’s out there trying to see how much he can handle from a mental part of it and what he can do physically as we get a little more experience with him, just like all those guys that are out there. You know, we’re trying to get a better feel for what they do well and what we think we can push them to do more of. He’s working hard, like the rest of them though. There’s a lot of good, young guys out there that are doing everything they can to try and show up what they can do.”

On what he liked about Redding during the undrafted process: “Again, I think for us to have a player like that come in when we got him, certain skill sets we admired, one being his ability to catch the ball. You know, he’s long. He’s got some good range from that aspect of it, and has good catch radius and that was something initially that we saw right away.”

On what he looks for in the young players: “I mean, the number one thing is going to be the mental part of it. Can they understand the concepts of the protection, and the scheme and how it changes based on the different defensive looks that we can give them from that aspect of it. Can they kind of stay with the mental capacity of our quarterback who obviously, the different levels of quarterbacks that we have that are out there, that will change things from a protection standpoint and move it around. So, the mental part of it is huge. And after that, we’re really looking at fundamentals. Again, like I mentioned the other day, there’s really a way to work fundamentals, and teach them and evaluate them without having the contact part of it. And footwork, hand placement, pad level, all that’s critically important and for us we’re going to evaluate all those things. We’ll get to the contact part of it when we get pads on in camp.”

On if he can rotate his secondary out, not just week to week but during a game: “I mean, right now what we’re trying to do, we’ve got 90 guys. So, you’re going to have depth and rotation all the way across the board, hopefully in all positions, and try to get them all out there and get them all evaluated. Defensive line, offensive line, DBs, this will be the most guys we have out there at any one given time, so that’s got to be part of it. It’s actually trickier than you think to be able to get everybody out there, and get some reps and get an evaluation of everybody. And maybe have different situations where you want to see those guys and see how they respond. Some of the practices were scripted where we have obvious looks where we want guys to see and some of it’s not. And we’re trying to juggle all that at one time, which is obviously what we do on a daily basis. So it’s a good opportunity to get that done.”

On whether there are units that are ahead of schedule for what he would expect at this time of year: “No, I mean it’s a process. We go through and everybody starts over. That’s what’s so great about it. I think every year in the NFL no matter what team you’re on there is a break from one season to the next. And you’re really trying to restart and get going again. It’s important to have that break. It’s important to kind of regroup and rest from the players standpoint, and try to come back and go through the process again. And it’s a building process. We’re going to start at a much lower level than anybody finished last season and we got to try to work back up to that level as best we can.”

On if he has anything planned to get to know the players better away from the field: “I mean for us right now, I’m just trying to get my guys, and pick them out, and work every single day and try to improve from a football standpoint. We certainly spend a lot of time together. We’re going to be able to spend a lot more time together. Through that process you are having general conversations with guys, and kind of asking about them and their family and building that relationship. But we have limited time that we’re