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Nephrateri Lewis

Nephrateri Lewis Owner and captain of the A-Game Writers Song Placement Team is a native of Ann, Arbor Michigan, born February 16, 1990. As a child growing up on the South side of Jackson Michigan she had a typical childhood with both her mother, father and older brother Isaiah. Neph's parents exposed her to all the gospel greats such as Commissioned, Clark Sisters,and Sounds of Blackness to name a few, and that was how she first fell in love with singing. She would imitate all the riffs and runs she would hear and then make them into her own.

As a 5 year old in the adult choir at Summit Seventh-Day Adventist Church she gained her first solo, and had all the membership and attendees amazed by the mature sound they heard. At the age of 13 Neph recorded her first song in a home made studio and began to take her craft much more seriously by joining The Nationally Famous "Black History tour Group" in the 8th grade. Gaining 2 solos on the groups 2nd album and traveling to the White House 3 times to sing "We Shall Overcome" and other black history selections for President Bush, which landed the group in Jet Magazine (Feb 2007) and also returning to Wahsington DC to sing for Pres. Obama's Inauguration (Michigan Ball)! In the summer of 2008 after graduating form Jackson High School Neph began working with various local Rap artists which earned her the title "Collabo-Queen" Every track she sang on would show her unique style and ability to transform and she became the number 1 female to call if any rapper or singer wanted a feature or duet! Her skills of being able to sight read and reinvent herself as an artist, sets her apart from many. Now at the age of 25 together with her song writing and production team the A-Game Writers have single handedly to this date executed 2 song placements in season 1 and 2 of the 20th Century Fox hit musical drama series “EMPIRE” with their hit singles off the Longevity Entertainment label “EMPIRE” and “ON FLEEK” Neph and her A-Game Writers continue to trail blaze and press towards their goal to reach the stars and beyond.Neph continues explore more opportunities for herself and her team by taking the necessary steps toward a career with Longevity in the music industry. She's a print and runway model and also a college student at Jackson College where she is a Vocal Music Major. Nephrateri Lewis is definitely the one to keep a watchful eye on as she continues to reinvent herself and bring nothing but high quality music and entertainment to this business of music for decades to come."Working smart and supporting others is the key to getting where you want to be in life".

~ Nephrateri Lewis ~

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