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LORD, There is none like YOU!

LORD, There is none like YOU!

No not a one like YOU!

None can do what YOU do!

There is none like YOU!

LORD I’ve run to and fro searching for one like you,

Yearning for the touch from one like you.

My spirit den got weary,

cause I couldn’t find none like you.

I ain’t never had one that has loved me like you.

YOUR love is never ending.

YOUR love is true!

YOU nourish me with your dew,

And my spirit is renewed.

When I lied to myself,

YOU revealed my truth!

In YOU I found myself!

When I thought I was empty with nothing left.

YOU showed me different!

That I was worth YOUR most precious blood!

And to buy me YOU spent it!

And get this!

YOU were not finished yet!

YOU had for me fortunes that I hadn’t attempted to spend.

YOU had corners orchestrated for me to bend!

And then you had all set up for me WINS!

Genuine love from people.

More than enough true friends!

I mean people that would give their last.

Just to make sure I would have!

I lend-

They pay me back!

It don’t get more authentic than that!

What YOU paid I could never afford!

YOU paid it in full and told me to ask YOU for more!

LORD YOU alone are worthy of all Glory, Honor, & Praise!

I desire to give it all to YOU, all of my days!

Change my ways!

Make me more like YOU!


There is none like YOU!

No not a one like YOU!

None can do what YOU do!

There is none like YOU!

The sun continues to rise but I’ve still found none like YOU!

I’ve given up my insides trying to be one with one like YOU!

It’s got me confused on how I find one just like YOU!

Then it comes to mind that there is none like YOU!

I could seek, but won’t find one like YOU!

And when I got done searching …

All I found is YOU!

I’m confused by that!

I’m confused by the fact!

You were there all along!

YOU were loving me despite my wrongs!

YOU gave life to every song!

But yet YOU never made a sound!

I could not hear YOU or see YOU !

I was desperate but could not admit that I need YOU!

YOU told me straight TRUTH,

And I found it hard to believe YOU!

How does one see truth in a bed of lies?

How does one does one love everything that it does despise?

Eyes cry even when there are no tears!

A smile has covered a million of tears!

Let he who has an ear to know,

Use that same ear to hear what all must know!

(Bridge) (Chorus)

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