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The Trade Network “Carrying on the Legacy”

Evan Kay, twenty-five years young was born and raised in Lansing Michigan and is currently the vice president of Lansing based company Trade Network. He graduated from Grand Ledge High school and received his bachelor’s degree in International Business from Liberty University in Lynchburg VA. Evan was obliged to use his degree to assist his mother Nancy Kay in fulfilling his deceased father Gary E. Kay’s legacy with their family business Trade Network.

Trade network provides clients the opportunity to barter goods and services by using Trade Dollars instead of cash. As a result clients are assisted in growth by increasing inventory turnover. Over the years Trade Network has serviced a thousand different businesses throughout Michigan including the Chronicle Newspaper. A constant goal for Trade Network is to expand right here in Michigan, stimulate our economy, as well as making technical improvements.

Trade Network profits 12% every time someone uses trade dollars. Another perk Trade Network offers is that anyone can join trade network free if they can offer a product or service. The most pertinent quote that Evan’s father told him was “always run a business on integrity.” Evan says his mother Nancy Kay (President of Trade Network) is the most influential person in his life because she stands by running the family business on integrity and she’s wise and patient. Evan admires inventors such as Elon Musk who continues to make technical improvements in the entire world. This helps him keep focused on the overall vision of the business as well as carrying on the family legacy.

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