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Lansing Made, Lansing Proud-Brian T. Jackson for Lansing City Council 4th Ward

Brian T. Jackson is Lansing made, Lansing Proud and wants to be your next Lansing City Council 4th Ward representative. Lansing Made, Lansing Proud is his campaign slogan because it how he feels and who he is. Born and raised in Lansing, most of his favorite memories are from Lansing. As a young man, Brian took advantage of everything the city had to offer. He enjoyed sledding and playing sports in the parks. Brian also received a quality education from Lansing Public Schools and is a graduate of J.W. Sexton high school. “We had good teachers who cared about us. Our teachers were open-minded and embraced diversity. I want every student in Lansing to have the same opportunities that I had growing up.”

Brian obtained his law degree from Howard University School of Law in Washington D.C. He concentrated on criminal law, social justice and interned as a public defender. He says “The best part about Howard was living in Washington D.C., sharing ideas with classmates from diverse backgrounds and meeting my wife Arielle.” After graduation, Brian moved back home to Lansing in 2013 and together with Arielle they are raising their baby Brielle in the same neighborhood where he grew up.

Youth development is a priority for Brian and is one of the ways that he gives back to the community. Brian coaches at Sexton, and conducts “Know Your Rights” seminars in local area schools and teaches student how to be safe during police encounters. In addition, he started a chess club at Shabazz Academy where he teaches the game as an after school activity.

Brian believes in the importance of engaging the community especially those who are underrepresented. He would like to see better partnerships with the City of Lansing and the Lansing School District. He says “the most important thing is to listen to what the people are saying and make the best decision with the most information as possible.” The fourth ward is the west side and north side of Lansing. It is also the Moores Park, Colonial village and Tecumseh neighborhoods. For more information or to reach out to contact Brian please visit

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