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Daniele Johnson DC-Defying the Odds

Daniele Johnson DC was born and raised in Lansing Michigan and is a graduate of J.W. Sexton High School. From an early age Dr. Daniele vividly recalls enjoying her visits to the doctor’s office. These are some of the experiences that peaked her interest in health and medicine. In addition to her goal of becoming a Medical Doctor she also set her sights on an education at the University of Michigan. Despite those that tried to discourage her from her education goals she was accepted into U of M and started in the fall of 2007.

Dr. Daniele obtained her Bachelors of Science in Movement Science while working on her pre-med classes simultaneously. During Daniele’s undergraduate years she had the opportunity to travel to Ghana with GIEU (Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates) a short-term intercultural study of a global nature at field sites. During this time Dr. Daniele met a Physical Therapist from Canada who showed her health practices which helped to shift her focus from medicine to overall health and wellness. This led her to later apply at the National University of Health and Sciences in Lombard IL. Dr. Daniele was determined to teach people about overall solutions to ailments not just a quick fix. She knew that the study of Chiropractic was a good fit to help her achieve her goal of presenting wellness options to the community aside from the medical mainstream.

After obtaining her Doctorates in Chiropractic Medicine Dr. Daniele returned to her hometown of Lansing Michigan. It was her desire to dive back into the community and serve by promoting alternative medicine and wellness. In addition to being an asset to the Lansing community she is the mother of her adorable son Kaiden. Dr. Daniele is also a first generation college graduate with an unbeatable determination. She is a believer of success through preparation meeting opportunity. With that being said she is now living her dreams of serving the community at her practice Health & Harmony Chiropractic. Looking over the life and accomplished of Dr. Daniele Johnson it is obvious that she is one that has defied the odds.

Dr. Daniele brings with her the necessary expertise to free you from physical pain and to help you improve your overall health and wellness. To contact Dr. Daniele DC or to find more information on Health & Harmony Chiropractic please call 517-492-7535 or visit

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