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The Spice behind Sam’s Southern Eatery

Approximately two years ago Tracy Elbahgha met Mo Elbahgha and it was love at first sight. The couple eloped and within six months they went into business alongside Mo’s brother. This was the inception of Sam’s Southern Eatery in Oklahoma. Sam’s Southern Eatery is a restaurant chain that has been in movement since 2008.

Sam originated in Shreveport, Louisiana. Mo had the pleasure of being a cook there for five years which was long enough to learn every recipe and embark on his very own business venture with his family. Sam’s Southern Eatery is rapidly growing with fifty-one locations in the south which employs seven hundred fifty employees.

In just under a year in business the Elbahghas felt that it was time to expand Sam’s beyond the south. The family wanted to give Michigan a southern creole feel. Although Tracy’s desire for success as a wife, mother, and business owner is at an all-time high she does her best at not getting too overwhelmed. Even after the relocation of her business and family life she still enjoys working by her husband’s side. In addition, she has not forgotten her roots of being a Navy brat from a long line of Military Men. Tracy hold’s people who have served our country in high regard and even offers a ten percent discount off the price of their meal.

The staff at Sam’s is dedicated to serving a high quality seafood that consistently delivers on their promise of maximum quality at low prices. Their vision is to share the delicious tradition of Southern style cuisine with the nation. Although seafood is not Tracy’s favorite I can personally vouch for the deep fried catfish. It’s taste and appearance is superb. If you would like to visit Tracy and Mo at Sam’s Southern Eatery please stop by soon. The restaurant is located at 3812 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Lansing, MI 48910. You can also find out more about Sam’s Southern Eatery by calling (517) 220-4629.

Tracy and Mo Elbahgha

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