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Judi Brown Clarke Gains Momentum Chasing History in Lansing

The City of Lansing will soon elect a new mayor for the first time in over a decade. Councilwoman Dr. Judi Brown Clarke is posed to give State Representative Andy Schor a run for his money. The Lansing State Journal recently endorsed Clarke proclaiming, “Lansing needs a leader who will collaborate and stand strong, who builds consensus but doesn’t hesitate to tackle tough decisions. Judi Brown Clarke is that leader, and she should be Lansing’s choice for mayor.”

Judi released a comprehensive plan of action for the City of Lansing. Judi’s blueprint makes it clear that she understands the city’s unique challenges and is in position to leverage existing resources to create solutions. Judi has also distinguished herself in a series of recent candidate forums due to her sheer competence. Judi’s run for the office is picking up speed during this critical time as she positions herself to become Lansing’s first female and first African-American mayor.

The swell in support for the Olympic silver medalist and four-time national champion indicate that Lansing is ready for real change. Judi’s background makes it clear that she has more to offer than the typical mayoral candidate. Judi uses her experience with major corporations, nonprofits, local government, and academia, not to mention her world-class background in athletics, for the benefit of Lansing. She has also led a nontraditional campaign. Rather than focusing on fundraisers and deep-pocket endorsements, Judi has maintained her full-time schedule as city councilwoman, academic, and family-woman, while engaging in a strong campaign for mayor. Judi says, “My work and plan of action demonstrate that I am already at the table, doing the work on behalf of Lansing that I plan to continue as mayor.” On November 7, Judi looks ready to finish this race as always, with a big win.

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