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Guillermo Z. Lopez for City Council-At Large Experience in Motion

Guillermo Z. Lopez is a community leader that stands out from the crowd. He has dedicated his life to making a difference in the community by providing continuous service and support to the City of Lansing. In addition, he has pursued various pursuits to help lead to the improvement of the community. Guillermo has charged himself helping to build a cohesive, supportive and thriving environment within the City of Lansing. As a result he has dedicated over thirty years to public service. His tenure under the administration of Mayors Hollister, Benavides and Bernero is a testament to his ability to foster a positive working relationship within Lansing government. Guillermo has the experience, commitment and integrity that is needed to bring positive leadership to the Lansing City Council.

This year marks his seventeenth year of service as a Trustee on the Lansing School Board of Education. His experience with the School Board has been an awesome and humbling experience that has allowed him to lead and be elected for three consecutive terms. Although his experience with the school Board has been a positive and memorable one he desires to serve in another capacity that will allow him to address some of the most pressing issues facing within the community. Although Guillermo has retired as an employee of the City of Lansing he still desires to serve fulltime by hearing and voicing the concerns of the citizens by winning a seat on City Council. He understands how government works from the inside and would like to put his experience in motion.

Guillermo moved to Lansing from Bay City, Michigan in 1984 to accept the position of Equal Opportunity Specialist in the Labor Relations Department for the City of Lansing. He is married to MaryAnn Lopez, has two daughters, three step children and seven grandchildren. He has been very active with Cristo Rey Church and many community boards and committees, such as: Lansing Board of Education; Capitol Area United Way; Ingham County Fair Board; Lansing Promise; LLEAD of Greater Lansing; Greater Lansing Alliance Hate Crimes. Guillermo Z. Lopez leads a life that is reflected by the platform on which he is running that includes commitment, Integrity and Experience

“I will work to continue building a cohesive and supportive Lansing community. A community of respect, opportunity, and prosperity. The more we care about our citizens, the more Lansing prospers.” – Guillermo Z. Lopez

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