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Rep. Schor, Sen. Hertel Introduce Bills to Protect Road Construction Workers Legislation requires dr

Rep. Schor, Sen. Hertel Introduce Bills to Protect Road Construction Workers

Legislation requires drivers to move over like they do for emergency vehicles

LANSING — State Rep. Andy Schor (D-Lansing) and state Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. (D-East Lansing) were the lead legislators introducing a package of bills recently that would increase safety for road construction and maintenance workers by requiring motorists to move over into empty traffic lanes when construction vehicles are using green or amber flashing lights. This mirrors the protections given to emergency vehicles.

“We know the roads can be a dangerous place to work. This common-sense change to match the protection we give to emergency vehicles should help the hardworking people that build and maintain our roads,” said Rep. Schor.

“We have a responsibility to those who work every day to repair our roads and make them safer for Michigan drivers,” said Sen. Hertel. “This law will protect these critical workers by creating greater awareness with motorists and ultimately making roadway construction zones safer for everyone.”

Schor and Hertel developed the language working with Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth. “Having been a barricader for 25 years, setting up and tearing down construction zones, I have had way more close calls in barricading than I ever had in police work. It appears to me that people simply don’t care to slow down or move over for road construction workers,” said Sherriff Wriggelsworth.

The bills add the term “construction worker” to the section of law requiring drivers to move over into empty lanes when possible while the construction vehicles are using flashing amber or green lights. This includes workers doing road construction and maintenance as well as workers setting up barricades and doing other tasks associated with setting up or taking down a construction zone.

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