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First Lady Erin and Mayor Andy Schor

Courtesy Photo-First Lady Erin and Mayor Andy Schor

Erin Schor is a Lansing resident born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. She was blessed to be raised by parents that provided excellent structure for her upbringing. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Michigan and obtained her undergraduate degree in Political Science. Shortly after she obtained her Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Michigan as well.

Mayor Andy Schor and First Lady Erin Schor found each other at The University of Michigan where they both were involved in student government. Erin was in and out of student government her entire time at The University of Michigan, but was most involved during her first two and a half years of school. In her junior year of college she went to St. Andrews, Scotland for spring semester, and her focus shifted to graduate school when she returned to Michigan.

Erin worked for the House of Representatives for ten years total, where she was privileged to work three different positions. First as a Policy Analyst for The House of Democratic Caucus, then as a Legislative Director for a State Representative (Paul Condino) from Southfield, and her last position was Chief of Staff to the majority floor leader Kathy Angerer who served Monroe and Washtenaw counties. Erin has been with the Michigan Community College Association for six years. She has also served on board for the Ingham ISD (Intermediate School District) since July 2013. This is the time she became President of the board. First Lady Schor takes education seriously. She has also served on the Board of Directors of Impression 5 since 2014.

Even with being a career women Erin knows how to make time for her family as well as church. Mayor Andy Schor and First Lady Schor have been married for sixteen wonderful years.They have two beautiful children, a thirteen year old son and an eleven year old daughter. Both of the children participate in extracurricular activities that Andy and Erin support.

The Schor family holds spiritual values close to their hearts. They currently attend First Presbyterian Church where they have been faithful members for fourteen years. Erin also sings in the church choir as a soprano. I could be wrong but I believe her spiritual values not only allow her to be a good member of our community and society but most importantly I believe it helps her to be a wonderful wife to our Mayor as well as an awesome mother to their children.

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